10 steps you need to know for successful custom furniture projects

Created by: Simonsense  |  Updated on: 
May 23, 2019

10 steps you need to know for successful custom furniture projects

Created by: Simonsense  |  Published on: 
May 23, 2019

Whether you are looking to furnish your home or set up a furniture business. Custom furniture is a good choice as there is a stable demand in the market. And moreover, it gets you exactly what you want for your space.  

Custom furniture gets exactly what you want. If our wide variety of furniture options for a particular product aren’t your style or don’t fit your space, that’s where our bespoke furniture services come in. No space is too tricky to solve with the help of bespoke furniture. Our direct relationships with many good custom furniture manufacturers in China make customizing simple, affordable and quick.

As China is the largest furniture exporting country in the world, and it has the most sophisticated furniture industry chain in the world, you are guaranteed to have any furniture that you have in your mind, moreover, you can have your unique design custom made in China.

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Every year, many buyers from Russia, India, Australia, Canada, America, and other countries buy loose furniture and custom furniture from China. With the help of convenient modern logistic services, it is cost-effective if you know how to work with a bespoke furniture company in China.

Knowing how to start is essential as custom furniture is something that is different from loose furniture which has been developed and tested by experienced furniture manufacturers. It is very important to make the plan carefully and have a basic understanding of every detail before you start to search for custom furniture makers.

10 steps to a successful custom made furniture project

Custom furniture starts from a sketch based on your distinct taste or unique space and ends up with experienced custom furniture makers that can perfectly bring your thoughts into reality. Here in this ultimate guide to custom furniture. I will show you the full process step by step.

Step 1. Decide what type of custom furniture do you need to fit your space

Whether you want a custom furniture piece for your home or you are trying to find a niche for your furniture business, you can always turn to custom furniture. The very first step for you to do is to decide what type of custom furniture do you need.

Although you can easily custom made nearly everything with today’s craftsmanship and technology. The most common custom furniture pieces in the market are kitchen cabinet, wardrobe, bookcases, doors, tables, desks, and other case goods.

Besides, if you can really not find suitable loose furniture such as sofas, beds, mattresses, and rugs, you can also have them custom made with a local bespoke furniture company or in China. 

Either you are working with an interior studio to furnish your home or you are doing it on your own. Remember to plan everything in advance and having the concept of styles, measuring the dimensions, making the drawings and list every furniture piece that you need.

After you have listed the furniture that you need, you can take some time searching in the local market and check the price. If your list is small. Take it from the local market without hesitation.

But if you have a big list or you can not find what you want in your local furniture market. You may plan a visit to China, to the Lecong furniture market as we have introduced earlier that China is the largest furniture export country in the world and Lecong the biggest wholesale furniture market in the world. You can find every furniture piece that you like or have your furniture custom made there.

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Step 2. Sketch it on the paper and mark the dimensions, list what you want to accomplish with your custom made furniture.

You turn to custom furniture because the ready-made furniture in the market cannot meet your particular needs. So, to measure up space and decide the dimension of the custom furniture piece is critical. You definitely don’t want to build bespoke furniture at the wrong size.

To help your custom furniture makers understand clearly what you want, the best way is to make the sketch and mark all the sizes on it. In this way, they can easily understand you and won’t make it wrong.

Since you have already decided to custom made furniture, why not brainstorming the challenges and problems that you want to try and solve with your custom furniture piece, like if it needs to be moved easily or if it should have a specific shape. Jot any answers or ideas you have for your bespoke furniture design currently to keep a running log of your design process.

For example, you may want to make a bookcase that is versatile for small spaces or a chair with added storage.

The more specific you are with your list, the better the end product you’ll have.

Step 3. Select the colors and materials.

Custom furniture needs to complement your space perfectly. The next thing you have to consider is the colors and materials. When you start looking for custom furniture,I believe that you have already decided on the whole interior style and color scheme. To perfectly fit your space both in style and color, you need to choose the correct color based on your overall interior design.

Materials are another important factor that has an impact on both price and styles. Different materials will have a different style and quality for sure. What’s more, the price varies a lot.

Take sofa fabric for example. The price for commonly used fabric starts from $4 to $200. There is a big gap between different materials.

Though you could not always have the exact color and materials that you want and have to choose based on the supply from your supplier or material market. You can make a list of your preferred ones for your bespoke furniture design. With the list on hand, you are almost guaranteed to have what you have expected.

Step 4. Determine your budget.

A piece of custom furniture often cost more than ready-made furniture. Based on different materials, different quality, and different manufacturers, the price varies from hundred dollars to 10 thousand dollars or even more. To determine your budget early will guide your purchasing decisions.

A realistic budget allows you to rule out certain options, and focus on the most important aspects of your custom furniture plan. For example, you may decide that a custom sofa is an unnecessary expense, and put the money to the custom made kitchen cabinet.

To know your budget in advance, you can also decide what kind of materials to choose from. Thus, you can get an appropriate quotation from the custom furniture makers and start it in a short time.

Yet you can do it yourself, your time is more valuable than spending a lot of time on your custom furniture. A professional agent can help you from consulting stage to the last installation stage.

Simonsense has been offering turnkey solutions for custom furniture for over 5 years. By working with several bespoke furniture companies, we are able to offer a solution according to your preference and budget.

Here you can start with a free consolation. Contact us now. 

Step 5. Find a custom furniture maker

After all the preparations form step 1 to step 4 is done. It’s time for you to start searching for a custom furniture maker. If there are only a few pieces need to be custom made. Try to find a local manufacturer if you can. No need bothering to have it manufactured in China or somewhere else.

If you have a lot of custom furniture to make. Do it in China will be a great choice. China has the most sophisticated furniture industry supply chain in each of the top 5 china furniture factory locations. There you can make all your concepts and expectations come true. The complete supply chain also makes it cost-effective and fast.

As I have introduced in my article “Furniture Manufacturers in China–A Complete Guide” there are more than 100,000 furniture manufacturers in China. Among them, you can find many custom furniture makers including some large factories such as Oppein or suofeiya.

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Nowadays, find a supplier is easy as there are many ways such as B2B market place, furniture fair or search engine. However, to find a proper furniture supplier is not easy. At this period, work with a professional furniture agent is a smart choice.

Step 6. Monitoring the manufacturing process

When you have decided the custom furniture maker. Then comes the manufacturing process. The full process starts with the confirmation of your request. The best way is to visit the factory and have a meeting together with your agent.

While you are having the meeting, make sure to make all the details clear including dimensions, design, materials you want to use, functions and budget.

The custom furniture manufacturer can create a 3D drawing, or at least auto cad drawing to you for confirmation. Approve it if it is the same as you have expected.

From then on, you can leave the following steps to your agent. They can monitor the full manufacturing process.

At Simonsense, we help customers monitoring the whole manufacturing processCheck our services here.

Step 7. Inspection and Shipment

Generally, the Leadtime for your custom furniture may vary from 15 days to 60 days. During this period, you can sit back have a rest.

All you need to do now is to plan the inspection and shipment at 15 days before the cargo ready date. You can do it by yourself or leave it with your agent.

Considering the travel cost and your time, the most cost-effective way is to make your requirements clear and trust your agent.

At simonsense, we offer 4 types of inspection and logistic services. The 4 types of inspections including:

  • Incoming inspection
  • Dupro inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Container loading monitoring

With these 4 types of inspection. You will be free of quality problems. Secure your product quality and shipment with us today.

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Step 8. Onsite installation

The shipment and custom process will take from 10 days to 2 months based on the distance. Now you have received your custom furniture, make sure to count the quantity according to the packing list and check if anything is broken. Don’t hesitate to claim immediately if any damages were found. Just note down and take photos, then send it to the supplier to deal with it. If it is not dealt in time, it will be harder to solve the problem.

Here at simonsense, we offer after-sale consulting to help our customers deal with any claim no matter how long it is. You can always contact us if you are using our products or services.

Most of the time, you can receive your goods in perfect condition because simonsense has helped control every step from the very beginning. You can just start the installation after you unloaded your bespoke furniture.

The assembly of panel furniture could be complicated. It took a furniture salesman 1 hour to install 1 piece of panel furniture. If you don’t want to have any trouble, hire professionals for the job.

Considering in some countries it is hard to have a very professional team for the installation, or it is very expensive. Here at simonsense we also offer installation service. We will send experienced workers at an affordable cost. You may already have heard of the efficiency of Chinese workers. Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

Step 9. Learn to Maintain your custom furniture piece

To use your custom furniture for a long time, proper maintenance is also very important. What’s more, the supplier will not be responsible for damages caused by improper use. Here are a few tips to maintain your custom furniture.

  1. Clean regularly

Dust is one of the major enemies of furniture. If you do not clean regularly. It will cause damage to the paint.

Simply clean it with soft cotton cloth weekly, you can solve the problem easily.

  1. Avoid direct sunshine

The wood may deform or crack if you put it under direct sunshine for a long time. It will also cause the fades of color. Remember to avoid direct sunshine if you want to keep your furniture as new as you first received it.

  1. Keep a suitable humidity

Panel furniture in a humid environment may also cause deformation or go moldy. To avoid this, it should be placed somewhere is ventilate and not too close to the air conditioner.

  1. Avoid Scratch

Do not use sharp objects on your custom furniture. It will leave scratches and hurt the surface.

Step 10. Seeking aftersales service

Custom furniture often comes in KD. There might be some damage to your custom furniture during transportation or neglect of your supplier. Fortunately, most of the problems could be solved. However, due to the long-distance, it’s not always easy to tackle after-sales issues.

Here at simonsense, we help customers deal with after-sale problems. Contact us if you have any. We will tell you what to do step by step to get it solved perfectly.

Custom furniture can meet your unique needs for furniture. It is sometimes costly and complicated. Has it done in China if you have a big quantity. Here at simonsense furniture, we have been focusing on providing one-stop furniture solutions for over 10 years. Get it done with us, you are guaranteed to save time and money.

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