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Top 10 tips on Buying Sofas in China and the number 1 location to buy from!

The sofa is the most important furniture piece in a home, it is used in the living room, drawing room, bedroom., etc. An elegant and comfortable sofa reveals the taste of the host. It is wise to spend good money and time on the sofa selection. Go to the best place to buy sofa and always remember to try before you make the payment. Here comes the introduction of the best place to buy sofa and the top 10 tips as well.


Top 8 Malls in Lecong Furniture Market

Lecong furniture market is the largest wholesale furniture market in the world. With over 3300 dealers and over 1500 factories selling over 200,000 different types of furniture products from all different types of industries; living rooms, bedrooms offices, hotels, bars, gardens, bathrooms just to name but a few. Along with being named by China ‘China’s Furniture Business and Trading Capital.’ You are almost guaranteed to find the product you are looking for here in Lecong if you know how to look… 

Top 10 Sofa Factories in China

There are over 60,000 furniture factories up to the year 2017 and the number of industrial enterprises above designated size is 6000. A wide range of selection is ahead of you there in China. To locate a proper supplier which perfectly fit your business type and size becomes important as there are too many options. Though I cannot give you a list of furniture factories which is exactly your piece of cake. Let’s just start with the top 10 sofa factories in China.