A must-read guide on outdoor furniture from china!

Created by: Simonsense  |  Updated on: 
August 3, 2019

A must-read guide on outdoor furniture from china!

Created by: Simonsense  |  Published on: 
August 3, 2019

A must-read guide on where to find outdoor furniture in China and what questions to ask!

An overview of China's outdoor furniture in recent years

At present, China’s outdoor furniture is mainly concentrated in the commercial areas, such as tourist attractions, hotels, bars, villas and other outdoor leisure areas.

In recent years, with the increase of leisure time for Chinese residents, the domestic market demand for outdoor leisure furniture has also gradually increased.In 2012, China's outdoor furniture market scale reached 640 million rmb, and reached 2.81 billion rmb by 2019.

2012-2019 market scale of China's outdoor furniture industry

Despite the impact of COVID-19 on 2020, sales in the first half of this year have declined. But China's government has taken timely measures to control the spread of the epidemic situation, and the domestic economy has rebounded.

At the same time, the scale of the outdoor furniture industry continues to grow. The market scale of the industry is expected to reach 3.79 billion rmb in 2021, which shows that the industry has a strong market momentum. The prospect is promising.

2020-2026 China outdoor furniture market scale forecast

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From the regional distribution of China’s outdoor furniture enterprises, in 2019, China's outdoor furniture enterprises were mainly concentrated in Guangdong Province, accounting for 34%, followed by Jiangsu Province, accounting for 18%, Zhejiang Province, accounting for 8%, and other regions, accounting for 40%.

2019 distribution of China's outdoor furniture enterprises

At present, China has become the first exporter of outdoor furniture, because compared with developed countries, China's outdoor furniture started late.

The main export regions of China's outdoor furniture are the European Union, the United States and Japan and South Korea, accounting for 28%, 33% and 8% respectively, and the export of other regions accounts for 31%.

Distribution of China's outdoor furniture exports

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The following is the China’s top 10 international outdoor furniture brands in 2021:

1.Mindo Outdoor Furniture

2.LINYA Furniture

3.Comfort Outdoor Furniture

4.Agio Furniture

5.Mr-Dream Furniture

6.SORARA Furniture

7.YOTRIO Furniture

8.Artie Furniture

9.Higold Furniture

10.Kandi Garden Furniture

Metal outdoor furniture

With the gradual improvement of life quality, China's outdoor leisure furniture industry, as an important part of leisure industry, will develop in the following directions:
(1) The potential of domestic demand is huge, and the international competitiveness is increasing.

(2) R & D capability determines the development of enterprises.

(3) The industry concentration has gradually increased, and the brand has become the focus of business.

(4) New materials and technologies are highly respected.

(5) Informatization and mechanized production will become a trend.

(6)Product sales channels will be increasingly diversified.

Outdoor furniture in China is any type of furniture that can be put outside aka outdoors. In general, this consists of the following types of furniture:

  • Rattan Furniture
  • Wicker Furniture
  • Wooden Furniture
  • Metal Furniture
  • Garden Sofas
  • Outdoor Tables
  • Patio Swings
  • Beach Chairs

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In China,rattan furniture is very popular among outdoor furniture.

Rattan weaving technology has a long history with traditional furniture. In the Tang Dynasty, rattan weaving skills developed rapidly, and people began to combine rattan weaving with furniture. During the Song Dynasty, rattan mats were widely used as soft drawers for beds, couches and chairs.

Until the Ming and Qing Dynasties, rattan weaving technology was more widely used in furniture, and rattan furniture was extremely fine in technology. In the long history of Chinese civilization, rattan weaving technology achievements continue.

Nowadays,due to the low technical difficulty and labor intensity, and not limited by age, gender, region and time, rattan furniture weaving is an income increasing project for villagers in some China's rural areas in their spare time.

Rattan outdoor furniture

The rattan furniture from China has the following advantages:

Rattan furniture has good air permeability and won't be muggy;

Pure handmade products with exquisite workmanship;

Pure handmade is more environmentally friendly;

Rattan furniture is strong and durable, and is not easy to be damaged.

And how to buy high-quality rattan furniture from China?

First,the quality of rattan furniture is determined by the quality of material. The high-quality cane is hard and flexible. The thick cane has uniform color, no black spots, good pressure bearing, full elasticity and continuous branching. If there are wrinkles on the rattan surface, it may be processed from young rattan, with poor toughness, low strength, and easy to break and corrode.

Second,Look at the surface color of rattan furniture. If there are spots and moth marks, you should be careful when buying.

Now let's get back to the topic.In this article, we are going to talk about where to find outdoor furniture in China, including 4 factories to check out. We are also going to talk about different sourcing locations and tips on what to ask your furniture suppliers to give you the best deal.

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The largest market for outdoor furniture in China

China is a huge market for outdoor furniture in China yet there isn’t a specific location just for it. However, thankfully the largest clusters can be found in Guangdong and Zhejiang which contribute to over 80% of outdoor furniture in China. More specifically the Lecong furniture location, but down below we will give you 4 outdoor furniture factories to check out.

Louvre furniture city, one of the many furniture malls in Lecong (Guangdong)

4 outdoor furniture manufacturers from China


Down below we are going to give you 4 different well-known furniture manufacturers in China for free! Now a small disclaimer their websites are not the best but these 4 outdoor furniture factories are some of the places you should definitely check out!

Mindo Furniture

Higold furniture

Higold is a huge group company incorporating many different types of furniture but one of its top products is its outdoor furniture.

In regards to its outdoor furniture in China, it’s a reddot design award winner. It also has an international distributor network and works solely with them to distribute their furniture.

Mindo is an innovative company engaging in manufacturing high-quality outdoor furniture for house, hotel, resort & spa, restaurants, bar and facilities for hospitality. The majority of their customers are in the USA, Australia, and Dubai. They are someone you should check out if you’re interested in a medium to high-quality provider.

Agio furniture

Agio is a high-end outdoor furniture manufacturer. Its main market is the USA and EU.

Agio furniture has three brands:

  • Agio
  • MBM
  • Agiowood

It has multiple styles such as American, modern minimalist design, and Chinese style.

Agio is a major supplier for many group companies such as Hengda for large projects. It was set up in 1987 in Taipei and moved to Shunde in 1989. Wicker furniture was its early product series which helped them develop very fast-so fast in fact they currently export around 5000 containers of furniture a year.

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Artiegarden furniture

Founded in 1999,  Artiegarden furniture is a large-scale outdoor furniture brand integrating design, research, and development, production, sales, and service.

The Artie brand was founded in the same year as the earliest and most outdoor furniture industry in China-making it a very old and well-known brand in the international outdoor furniture market.

The export to nearly 100 countries and regions around the world, with a large customer base in Europe, North America, and the Middle East.

Sourcing options

Now if you are looking for some different sourcing options for online then we recommend checking out our article on everything you need to need to know about buying wholesale furniture from China. Though specifically for outdoor furniture in China we recommend two different options.

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Head to Lecong for outdoor furniture in China


Now Lecong is the place to go in general for furniture. In our previous blog, we have covered the top 8 malls in Lecong and its something you should definitely check out.

Sadly there isn’t a specific location for just outdoor furniture but between the 8 different malls, you will find 100s of different suppliers for your needs.

Use a sourcing agent for outdoor furniture in China

We seem to cover this problem every other article but honestly, we cannot stress it enough. If you’re a small to medium business going through a sourcing agent will more than likely save you money, save you time and will pretty much eliminate all the potential problems you have never even thought of. It is their 9 to 5 job after all. A shameless plug-in here but why not check out Simonsense here. Source your outdoor furniture from China from us, and see how much you can save.

Questions to ask furniture suppliers about Outdoor furniture in China

When buying outdoor furniture in China there are a bunch of questions you should be asking, far more than what we have put down below but to get you started here are 22 questions you should be asking when buying furniture in China.


First 12 questions

  1. What is the MOQ?
  2. What price is the FOB price?
  3. How will you package the furniture?
  4. What care instructions do I need to pay attention to for this outdoor furniture?
  5. What certifications does it have?
  6. Do you have any other company brand names (many furniture businesses have multiple brands under different company names)
  7. What is this furnitures weight per piece?
  8. When was your company established? (The older they are the more established but it also means more fixed rules)
  9. Do you have an Alibaba or company website? (their company website on average doesn’t give a lot of information but is helpful to learn a little bit more about them)
  10. What are your main products? (If there are too many types of furniture its a red flag they are a trading company pretending to be a furniture factory)
  11. Can I see some pictures of your company such as your employees, finished products, office, and factory? (take them and do a google reverse image search to check they aren’t stock images/from another factory)
  12. What is your lead time? (How long before it’s done)

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Final 10 questions

  1. Do you accept customized orders? (check out our other article of OEM manufacturers to learn more)
  2. What materials will be used to make this outdoor furniture
  3. Are you able to break down those materials on where they’ll be used
  4. What is this furniture measurements in ft./in./cm/mm?
  5. What is the Cubic meter measurement?
  6. Where is your factory? (Get the full address for factory inspects and audits)
  7. How many people work here? (Will give you a scale of their capabilities)
  8. Have you ever sold to (your) country? If so to who
  9. What certifications does your company have?
  10. To what standard quality are you able to make the furniture to?

There are a lot more questions to ask but these 22 questions will definitely help ensure you get the best deal possible.

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Now if you’re at the stage of just starting to look for outdoor furniture in China then I recommend you reading our top 5 furniture factory locations in China to give you a better idea of what area specializes in what type of furniture.

Next up are things to consider with quality.

Ensuring quality standards for your furniture


Ensuring a good quality standard is a huge topic to cover, think:

  1. Safety standards/ fire regulations for different countries
  2. Quality control
  3. Factory Audit
  4. Order processing
  5. Logistics


Safety standards


Depending on what country you’re from or what the market is safety standards and regulations are a mind-blowing headache. Do you need additional fire regulations? Can the factory actually provide the correct certification you need? Is what you are buying for commercial use? Residential? For a hotel?

Depending on your country the safety standards and certifications you need to go through will change massively and if you aren’t familiar with it and the factory isn’t helping you may end up with a container worth at goods which won’t be allowed into your country.

Do your research or let someone like Simonsense help you here to make sure what you buy is what you can import into your country.

For a complete guide on buying furniture in China, I suggest you check out our article. There we cover the A-Z of buying furniture in China.

Quality control

Quality control is again a big topic with our humble opinion being that there are 4 major factors you have to consider.

  • Incoming inspection
  • During production inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection
  • Container loading supervision

If you want a complete breakdown of each of these 4 factors than check out our quality control page. That or let us contact you for a free one on one-hour consultation to help your business.

Another major part of buying outdoor furniture in China is the factory audit.

Visiting the outdoor furniture factory


Before or after reading our 22 questions to ask outdoor furniture factories you probably have realized that buying furniture in China is a lot more complicated than just picking what you like and purchasing. There is a whole system you need to think about before purchasing and one part of that is called the factory audit.

So what is a factory audit for? Well quite frankly it’s to:

  • Verify that your supplier’s facilities are operational and suitable for manufacturing your product
  • Ensure that your supplier’s sourcing policies comply with your own
  • Identify and hedge against potential quality, operational, and ethical risks
  • Evaluate the competence of the factory management

And how do you do all that? Well, check out our page on factory audits to learn more.

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Outdoor furniture is seasonal


Finally, outdoor furniture is a seasonal purchase. When buying make sure you buy a few months in advance before peak season. You want that furniture by your side without worrying about it arriving late.

This is something which definitely needs to be addressed with timings and assurances from the factory about their time schedule so it can correspond with yours. Having a team on the ground will make sure your outdoor furniture is the right quality, the right timings, and the right price. Work with Simonsense today!


Buying outdoor furniture in China is very similar to buying any other type of furniture but special care should be taken when buying furniture and what questions you should ask your suppliers. Take special care about making sure you have the right certifications and if in doubt let Simonsense help!

About Simonsense

Simonsense is a furniture supply chain management company that specializes in furniture. Simonsense has had over 10 years of experience in the furniture industry and supply chain market to help their customers find the best possible deal in terms of price and quality. Contact Simonsense today for a free one-hour consultation and see how we can help your business today.

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