What You Need to Know before Buying China LED Lighting

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April 25, 2022

What You Need to Know before Buying China LED Lighting

Created by: Simonsense  |  Published on: 
April 25, 2022

China LED Lighting

People around the world are now advocating green consumption,and LED lights ( Light Emitting Diode) is a green product, with more and more people choosing it. At present, the global LED market is in a rising stage, and the market is developing in all countries.

The main markets are China, Japan, the United States, and Europe. People in these countries have a strong concept of environmental protection, the ability to accept new things, and the countries’ technical support for LED, all of which make the LED market in these countries have a huge development future. If you are planning to buy LED lights, you may want to learn about China LED lighting first.


1.What are the reasons for recommending buying China LED lighting?

(1)Environmentally friendly lighting

Traditional lighting contain a large amount of mercury vapor, which will evaporate into the atmosphere if broken. China LED lighting do not use mercury at all, and LED products do not contain lead, to protect the environment.LED  lighting are recognized as the green lighting source of the 21st century.


(2)Less heat 

Traditional lighting will generate a lot of heat, while China LED is a cold light source, and the electrical energy is all converted into light energy, which will not cause a waste of energy. Light efficiency is more significant.

China LED Lighting

(3)No noise

China LED lighting will not produce noise, the use of precision electronic instruments for the occasion is the best choice. It is suitable for libraries, offices and other occasions.


(4)Protect your eyes

Traditional lighting use alternating current,so every second will produce 1001 strobe. China LED  lighting use constant current work that is the direct conversion of AC power to DC power, effectively reducing LED light decay, with no flicker to protect the eyes.

China LED Lighting

(5)No mosquito trouble

China LED lighting do not produce ultraviolet light, infrared light and other radiation, do not contain mercury and other harmful substances, and generate less heat. Therefore, there will not be many mosquitoes around the fire source like traditional lighting. The room will become more clean and hygienic and tidy.


(6)Voltage adjustable

Traditional lighting are lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier, but when the voltage is reduced, it can not be lit. China LED lighting can be lit within a certain range of voltage and can also be adjusted for brightness.


(7)Power saving and long service life

The power consumption of Chian LED  lighting is less than one-third of the traditional  lighting.The life is also 10 times the traditional  ligthing.The normal service life is of more than 30,000 hours, so it’s more suitable for occasion that is difficult for lighting replacement.

(8)Sturdy and reliable

China LED lighting body itself uss epoxy resin rather than the traditional glass, so it’s more solid and reliable, even if smashed on the floor, it will not be easily damaged.


(9)Good versatility

China LED lighting have the same appearance and size as traditional  lighting, which can replace traditional lighting.


(10)Rich colors

Make full use of the advantages of LED color, making a variety of light-emitting color lights , to achieve rich and colorful lighting effect.

China LED Lighting

2.What areas can China led lighting be used in?

(1)Landscape lighting

Because LED light source has a series of advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, light and durable, rich color, simple and easy to control, low-voltage safety, it has a wide range of applications in landscape lighting.It can be lit in the city in leisure spaces such as paths, stairs, decks, waterfront areas, gardening.Hidden LED projection lighting is particularly favored.

China LED Lighting

(2)Identification and indicator lighting

LED lighting is also suitable for places requiring space limitation and guidance, such as road separation display, part lighting of stair steps, emergency exit lighting. LED self-luminous buried lighting or lighting embedded in vertical wall or the ground are very common in theater or the side of the seat.

China LED Lighting

(3)Outdoor advertising lighting

Due to the characteristic of energy saving, LED has entered the urban lighting project, with many buildings using LED for outdoor advertising lighting.The three-dimensional led light source has excellent visual appeal, soft color, rich dynamic effect, so that the traditional outdoor advertising has a new possibility.At the same time,operating with low voltage, LED lighting is more safe and reliable. In terms of service life and maintenance cost, it has incomparable advantages over other light sources such as neon.

China LED Lighting

(4)Exhibition space lighting

Museums, art exhibition halls and other places belong to the special occasions with high requirements for the lighting environment. The particularity of the display items requires that the lighting source does not contain ultraviolet light and has no thermal radiation.LED is a cold light source, and the light does not contain ultraviolet light, which can fully meet the special requirements of museums, art galleries for lighting.

China LED Lighting

(5)Public place lighting

The LED full-spectrum color range is perfect for setting off the atmosphere in public places such as offices, shopping malls, bars, hotels, cinemas, parking lots, etc.The advantages of LED lighting source in local lighting, key lighting and regional lighting can create a high-quality light environment incomparable to other traditional electric light sources, which is very suitable for lighting space in public places.

China LED Lighting

(6)Display screen lighting

Full color LED display screen is the most striking outdoor large display device in the world today, with advanced digital video processing technology and incomparable large area and high brightness.It can dynamically display graphic animation information and play all kinds of multimedia files by using multimedia technology.The world's most influential LED display screen, the Manhattan Times Square, using 18,677,760 LED units of 10,736 square feet.The screen can be divided into multiple images, showing the Wall Street stock market at a glance.

China LED Lighting

(7)Automobile and road traffic lighting

LED combination taillights, LED brake lights, LED turn signals, automotive instrument backlights are becoming more and more common in automotive lighting.In addition, in urban traffic, highways and other fields, LED serves as a variable indicator light and lighting effect.Among them, power dispatching, vehicle dynamic tracking, vehicle dispatching management, etc., are also gradually using high-density LED display screen to play an indicator light lighting role.

China LED Lighting

3.LED lighting market situation of China and the world

As the world factory of LED lighting industry, China is the largest producer and exporter of LED lighting products in the world, with the manufacturing capacity of the whole industry chain of LED lighting industry and strong competitiveness in the production, research and development and sales of LED lighting products.


In terms of China LED lighting market size, the 2016-2020 China LED lighting market size has maintained a fluctuating trend of change. Affected by the global epidemic, China's LED lighting market size decreases in 2020, down to 701.3 billion yuan, down 7.10% year-on-year.(Data from https://bg.qianzhan.com/)

China LED lighting market size in 2016-2020

Looking to the future of the world market, with the gradual start of Mini LED backlight and display, the continued increase in automotive LED penetration, the continued increase in demand for high-end lighting, and the further expansion of display applications, the global LED market is expected to grow to $30.312 billion in 2026, with a compound growth rate of 11% from 2021-2026.(Data from TrendForce)

4.Where are the main production bases of China led lighting ?

China LED Lighting

Under the promotion of "National Semiconductor Lighting Project", seven national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization bases have been formed in Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Yangzhou, Guangzhou and Shijiazhuang.The Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Fujian Triangle and northern China have become the gathering places for China's LED industry development.

5.What are the considerations for buying China led lighting?

(1)Recognize the relevant standards.

From a safety point of view, the products should meet the relevant international and national standards.International safety certification (such as GS, CE, UL, etc.) is the standard to measure the quality of LED lighting.Products with international safety certification, the price is generally higher.You need to carefully identify the authenticity of the certificate when purchasing.


(2)Watch out for the low-price trap.

The price difference of LED light source is very big.With the same color and brightness of LED, the price can differ several times.This gap is mainly reflected in its service life, light decay, appearance process and other performance .


For low price LED, its chip size is small, the electrode is relatively rough, and the material used (phosphor and glue) is poor. Thus,its light decay is fast and the service life is relatively short.


(3)Select the LED lighting with constant current power supply.

The price of LED drive power supply such as resistance, capacitance, IC is very different. The scheme adopted by the whole power supply and the rationality of the line itself design will directly affect the quality of the product.Some drive power supply is only constant pressure, and does not achieve constant flow, and LED lighting must be constant flow in order to better ensure the quality and service life, especially for high-power LED lighting.

China LED Lighting

Checklist of top 30 best LED lighting brands in China

  1. Opple
  2. Philips    
  3. FSL          
  4. NVC    
  5. TCL       
  6. Medea       
  7. Huaya         
  8. Pak         
  9. YANKON        
  10. Forest       
  11. San’an        
  12. Tospo        
  13. NationStar  
  14. Bull              
  15. Xingyu       
  16. Lainchuang               
  17. Hongli            
  18. Shilin             
  19. Honyar            
  20. Klite       
  21. Changfang   
  22. Eaglerise           
  23. Unilumin           
  24. CDN
  25. Xinda               
  26. Chengfeng              
  27. Mason                   
  28. RED 100               
  29. KENNEDE                    
  30. YEELIGHT               


China LED Lighting

In China, LED lighting is being rapidly adopted due to the gradual reduction of LED lighting prices.Many China LED lighting manufacturers are increasing their production capacity because they receive best subsidized from central and local governments.The Chinese government's favorable policies are helping LED manufacturers and distributors to operate smoothly, which will further drive the LED lighting market.

In addition, the Chinese government has implemented LED lighting standards, which will help produce the highest quality LED products.Rising demand for LED lighting in China has stimulated the LED lighting market.Chinese LED manufacturers now mainly focus on the research and development of LED lighting to reduce costs, improve energy efficiency, and strengthen environmental protection and long-life performance.

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