Everything you need to know about dining table

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August 30, 2017

Everything you need to know about dining table

Created by: Simonsense  |  Published on: 
August 30, 2017

Dining Room is where your guests and share important meals with family. The dining room furniture will be both seen and utilized more than a lot of other home furniture. It certainly needs you to pay more attention either selecting dining room furniture for your own house or for your furniture store.

The dining table is for no doubt the centerpiece of a dining room. Purchasing a new dining table is an extremely personal experience for many reasons. There are so many styles and materials out there in the market. It’s not easy to find the perfect one which suits your home or help you make profits from selling them to your fellow customers. If you intend to shop for one or import for your store, you will probably want to know everything before you pay. Let’s guide you toward the perfect choice by breaking down the shapes, materials, and styles available today.

1.Styles of Dining Tables

  The first thing you need to consider when shopping a new dining table is style. It has to be in harmonious with your decoration style and other furniture. Your customer will be less willing to pay if it is outdated.

Contemporary Style

Contemporary design can appear in a wide variety of looks, so long as they meaningfully present an “of the now,” up to date appearance. Contemporary tables can be found in every type of material and every shape configuration. At simonsense furniture, we have developed a wide range of contemporary design with different materials including glass, marble, wood, MDF, etc. Our top featured contemporary dining table design is a set of square table with marble or wooden top and stunning leg design. It has been tested by the market as the most welcomed piece. Every year our customer brings us lots of repeat orders.

Modern Style

The modern style evokes a graceful mixture of utility and aesthetics that flourished beginning in the 20th century. It often feathered as clean lines and sharp angles. The utilization of new materials such as glass, marble brings a modern look and makes it easy to match with your home. In recent years, modern style has become more and more popular around the world. It will certainly become the bestselling styles. Check our top rated modern dining table models.

Scandinavian Style

Talking about Scandinavian furniture style, the first word come to my mind is natural. A Scandinavian dining table is often characterized as simple, elegant and comfortable. Scandinavian style dining tables are made from fine woods like oak, walnut or ash, often combined with quality finishes or metal legs. With minimalist and clean shape, the tables are simple, elegant and fit perfectly in modern interiors. With a multiple size option, our top feathered Scandinavian dining table comes with fine American ash solid wood with beautiful texture.

Rustic Style

Rustic style utilizes unpainted wood in more natural sense; hand-carved shapes for a simplistic, back-to-nature feel that makes it popular in cabins and cottages. It is also widely used in dining sets.

Traditional Style

Though it is 2017, the traditional style is still the most common style you’ll find in the dining table market. It often comes with elegantly carved wood, detailed textures, and rich proportions. If you are a fan of traditional, it is surely your best choice.

Industrial Style

The world is enjoying the benefits of the industrial revolution. Thus make industrial style quite popular in interior design. A combination of wood and metal conveys the look and feel of factory machinery and tools. With naked metal and bold, strong wood shapes paired into a purposeful look. At simonsense furniture, out bestseller industrial style dining table has an X shape leg with fine painted finish and Ipil solid wood top. At first sight, you will feel strong and steady, it could last for decades.

Coastal Style

The coastal design is a decorating theme inspired by weathered furniture and nautical accents found in traditional coastal homes. It incorporates pale finishes, shades of blue and maritime elements such as compasses, marine life, anchors, and helms. It’s not common in the market, but it will definitely make your home different from others.

Cottage Style

Cottage furniture is true to the Victorian style in that the beds have high (an excess of six feet or more) and lavishly decorated headboards. There is some carving, usually in the form of finials and medallions, but most of the decoration was painted. Flowers, fruit, and other plants were the most common motifs featuring a large painted bouquet-like medallion in a central panel on the headboard and a smaller, matching one on the foot-board.

Cottage style is particularly popular on the East Coast of the United States.

Shaker Style

Shaker style furniture is a distinctive style of furniture developed by the United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Appearing, commonly known as Shakers, a religious sect that had guiding principles of simplicity, utility and honesty. Their beliefs were reflected in the well-made furniture of minimalist designs. Furniture was made thoughtfully, with functional form and proportion. Cherry, maple or pine lumber is the most common materials. The wood were generally stained or painted with one of the colors which were dictated by the sect, typically blue, red, yellow or green. Drawer pulls for dressers or other furniture were made of wood.

2.Shapes of Dining Table

A dining table can appear in many forms. The most common shapes you will find in the furniture markets are rectangular, round and square. In the next few paragraphs, let’s have an overview of the dining table shapes.


Rectangular is a classic shape you can find on the market. It often has various sizes with a length of 1200mm to 3000mm and a width of 800mm to 1200mm. Whatever your family size; you will always find a suitable rectangular dining table which can seat 2 to 10 people.


The square is the simplest table design. In China, an old fashioned square table can seat eight people. It was said to be invented by the 8 gods and goddess.


Round tables allow for shifting seating options and often hold features such as hinged edges or a leaf, which turns it into an oval shape. The most common size you can find on the market is 1.5m, 1.6m, and 1.8m. At simonsense furniture, we have also developed several round dining tables with a unique design. The first year we launched it, it has been proved to be a success.

Extendable dining table

At simonsense furniture, the extendable dining table is one of our wow collections; we might be the most sophisticated extendable dining table supplier in China. Our products cover various folding types and materials, sizes. With market proved designs, we were able to help our customers achieve great business success in the past few years.

3.Materials of a table top

  • Solid Wood

  • Pros
  • warm, natural look with timeless appeal
  • unique grain patterns and natural marks
  • easily mixes with other materials
  • Cons
  • color will change with age
  • expands and contracts based on the humidity in your home
  • shows scratch and wear, particularly on stained wood
  • heat and moisture can damage the finish
  • Tempered Glass

  • Pros
  • visual lightness creates an open feeling
  • modern and versatile at a great value
  • withstands moisture and heat
  • easy to clean
  • Cons
  • shows fingerprints
  • can scratch or chip with heavy use
  • can create glare in direct light
  • cool to the touch
  • satin etched and colored glass require more maintenance than clear
  • Marble

  • Pros
  • timeless, modern and natural look
  • unique patterns vary from subtle to dramatic
  • withstands heat
  • develops a matte finish with use
  • Cons
  • the unsealed surface is porous and susceptible to stains
  • surface will scratch, dull and etch with use and exposure to acidic liquids
  • heavy to move
  • MDF

  • Pros
  • modern look with solid, low-sheen color at a great value
  • engineered wood product with a durable, non-toxic powder coating; CARB-2 compliant
  • does not expand or contract with humidity
  • easy to clean
  • Cons
  • heat and moisture can damage the finish
  • can chip or scratch with heavy use
  • Ceramic

  • Pros
  • sleek and modern
  • consistent color and pattern from slab to slab
  • non-porous, won’t absorb stains
  • durable and easy to clean
  • does not require sealing
  • Cons
  • can scratch or chip with heavy use
  • can discolor from direct or prolonged heat

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