Foshan Furniture

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March 24, 2020

Foshan Furniture

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March 24, 2020
Key takeaway: Lecong Furniture City in Shunde is known for its complex dynamics and numerous unwritten rules. Before heading there, thorough research and studying a guide about Lecong Furniture City are essential. Proper preparation will make buying furniture in Lecong Furniture City a more efficient process, saving you time, effort, and money, and helping you find the furniture that perfectly fits your needs.
Foshan, a city in the Pearl River Delta region of Guangdong, China, has earned a global reputation as one of the key epicenters of the furniture industry. This city is renowned for its massive wholesale furniture market, manufacturing capabilities, and a plethora of furniture suppliers, making it a go-to destination for anyone in the market for quality furniture.
Foshan Furniture
In this comprehensive guide, we'll dive into the world of Foshan furniture, exploring its furniture market, manufacturers, and what makes it a mecca for furniture shopping.
In recent years, as an increasing number of Chinese furniture manufacturers, buying agents, e-commerce platforms, and offline marketplaces are venturing into the online channel, there's been a surge in guides and short videos on how to buy furniture in Foshan.
However, this has also given rise to disputes between furniture factories, buying agents, and other sellers.
They often engage in mutual criticism, with accusations of high prices, poor quality, bad service, and breaches of integrity flying back and forth. This proliferation of information has made things complex, leaving consumers bewildered.
For the normal shopper, who may not possess specialized knowledge in the field, it's a real challenge to navigate this sea of information and determine what's accurate. Nevertheless, you can protect yourself by adhering to some fundamental principles such as:
  1. Independent Judgment: Always think critically and don't readily succumb to external influences.
  2. Thorough Evaluation: Pay close attention to style, materials, and intricate details.
  3. Comparison for Value: When comparing similar quality products, assess not only the prices but also the quality of service provided.
  4. Firsthand Experience: Whenever feasible, try out the products and services in person.
  5. Contractual Safeguards: If you have concerns, ensure these are documented in the contract for your own protection.
Table of Contents
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Chapter 1: Foshan Furniture Introduction

A brief introduction to Foshan Furniture

Why Foshan is a Global Furniture Hub

Foshan's rise to prominence in the world of furniture can be attributed to several key factors.
The city boasts the largest wholesale furniture market in the world, the Lecong Furniture Market, which is located in the Shunde district of Foshan City, and covers a sprawling area of 10 kilometers.
Over the years, this market has attracted over five thousand furniture brands, both China domestic and international, and become a one-stop destination for an extensive range of furniture products.
Foshan is also home to a vast number of furniture manufacturers, producing everything from sofas and mattresses to outdoor furniture, office furniture, commercial furniture, hotel furniture, and more. These manufacturers have honed their craft over the years, earning a reputation for quality, craftsmanship, and competitive prices.
Another reason behind Foshan's success in furniture is its accessibility. Located just 30 kilometers from Guangzhou and 100 kilometers from Hong Kong, Foshan is well-connected by train, air, and sea, making it a convenient location for both local and international buyers. As well as delivery by all means.
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What to Expect in This Guide

In this practical and comprehensive guide, we will explore Foshan's furniture market in depth, taking a closer look at Lecong Furniture Market and Foshan International Furniture Expo Center, now known as Easy Home & Lesso Home. We will delve into the top 10 furniture malls within the Lecong Furniture Market, providing insights into what each of them offers in terms of furniture categories, price ranges, and quality levels.
Additionally, we will investigate Foshan's diverse furniture manufacturing landscape, from mattresses and sofas to office, outdoor, commercial, and hotel furniture. You'll gain insights into what makes Foshan Furniture manufacturers stand out and why they are highly sought after in the global furniture market. You will also learn where to find factory Showrooms and manufacturing sites.
We'll also guide you through the experience of furniture shopping in Foshan, highlighting the vast array of choices available beyond just furniture. We'll provide authentic and practical information on how to reach the Foshan Furniture Market from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport and Hong Kong, including transportation options and tips.
Moreover, we'll list hotels near the Lecong Furniture Market for your convenience, helping you choose the right accommodation during your visit.
Finally, we'll touch on the advantages of working with a furniture sourcing agent in Foshan, ensuring that your furniture buying experience is seamless and cost-effective.

Chapter 2: Foshan Furniture Market

Foshan Furniture Market is also known as Lecong Furniture Market or Shunde Furniture Market.

Lecong Furniture Market: The Giant of Foshan

The heart of Foshan's furniture scene is undoubtedly the Lecong Furniture Market, a sprawling complex that spans over 10 kilometers. This market has grown exponentially since its inception in the 1980s and is now the largest furniture wholesale market globally. It stretches along Foshan Avenue, starting at Lanshi Bridge and concluding at No.2 Longjiang Bridge.
Lecong furniture market
Lecong Furniture market boasts more than 180 furniture shopping mall complexes with a total business area of over 4 million square meters. It has attracted over 5,000 domestic and international dealers to open stores here, offering a wide variety of over 300,000 high and mid-range furniture products.
You can find nearly 99% of furniture products from around the world here. It is enough to entice anyone. It houses a diverse range of furniture products, from living rooms and bedrooms to offices, hotels, bars, gardens, bathrooms, and more.
Lecong has earned the title of "China's Furniture Business and Trading Capital," ensuring that you're almost guaranteed to find the furniture you're seeking.

Top 10 Furniture Shopping Malls in Lecong Furniture Market

The Lecong furniture market is huge in scale. Exploring all of it might take you 10-15 days, and this doesn't even include the furniture factory showrooms in Longjiang, Jiujiang, Dongguan, or the lighting market in Zhongshan.
It's essential to prepare a strategy in advance, find reliable agents, organize floor plans, take measurements, and create detailed lists.
To help you navigate the extensive Lecong Furniture Market, we have compiled a list of the top 10 furniture malls you should consider visiting. Each of these malls has its unique offerings, price ranges, and product categories, catering to different preferences and budgets.
  1. Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center

furniture from china

The Louvre International Furniture Exhibition Center is the most renowned furniture shopping mall in China with a global reputation. It is a symbol of luxury and quality furniture in the Lecong Furniture Market.
The Louvre Furnishings group was established in the year 2000. It's not just a furniture marketplace but also an AAAA-level tourist attraction.
The Lourve furniture mall encompasses a 380,000 square meters home furnishings world, featuring over 2,000 domestic top-tier home furniture brands and over 200 purely European imported home furniture brands. It has 20 theme pavilions that cover various home categories including furniture, decor, lighting, and bedding.
living room furniture china
The latest furniture pavilions in the Louvre furniture mall include a variety of styles and categories. they are:
  • Living room and dining room furniture
  • Panel and solid wood furniture
  • Neo-classical furniture
  • mahogany furniture
  • Neo-Chinese furniture
  • Original design furniture
  • Office furniture
  • Kids furniture
  • Sleeping center
  • Classical European furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Full Customization Zone
  • International Brand Furniture Pavilion
  • Import Pavilion
  • Louvre Lifestyle Pavilion
Louvre Furniture Mall is known for its high-end furniture, making it the perfect choice for those seeking sophisticated and luxurious pieces. Its popularity among both local and international buyers is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship it offers.
Each year, Louvre Furniture Mall Foshan welcomes more than two million visitors from over 105 countries and regions who come to explore and purchase a wide range of furniture and interior products.
What sets the Louvre apart is its consistently fresh and innovative styles, making it the preferred choice for many furniture suppliers to debut their latest and most popular products, despite the premium rental costs associated with this venue.
Simonsense Comments: In line with its top-tier designs and quality, Louvre's furniture prices rank among the highest in all of Shunde's furniture markets. They notably exceed the prices found at branded factory outlets and other retail locations. Some are overpriced.
Louvre Mall maintains stringent controls over the businesses within its premises concerning product pricing, quality standards, and service quality. While the costs may run on the higher side, for those with flexible budgets, shopping at the Louvre is recommended for the added peace of mind it offers regarding product quality and service excellence.

Foshan Sunlink Furniture City

Foshan Sunlink Furniture City is divided into north and south sections, and each offers a wide range of options. Whether you're in the market for living room furniture, bedroom sets, office furniture, hotel furniture, commercial furniture, or classic mahogany pieces, Sunlink has you covered.
The north section is known for its diverse styles in home furniture, office furniture, commercial furniture, and mahogany furniture, while the south section leans more toward home furniture and hotel furniture.
With quality and variety, Sunlink is a one-stop solution for various furniture needs.
  1. Foshan Sunlink Furniture City (North)

SUNLINK FURNITURE CITY (NORTH), located in close proximity to the Louvre Mall and the Lecong International Exhibition Center, boasts an extensive scale with a total business area of 200,000 square meters. Comprising 13 properties organized into four rows, the latest store plan for Sunlink Furniture City (North) is categorized into three major types of furniture procurement centers:
  1. Residential Furniture - Whole House Furnishing
  2. Office and Public Furniture - Commercial Projects Center
  3. Rosewood and Chinese-Style Furniture - Whole House Furnishing
  1. Sunlink Furniture City (South)


SUNLINK FURNITURE CITY (SOUTH) is composed of ten furniture shopping centers with a total operating area of over 100,000 square meters. It houses nearly a thousand stores of renowned domestic and international furniture manufacturers. SUNLINK FURNITURE CITY (SOUTH) features four major specialized theme areas:
  1. Residential Furniture Zone
  2. Hotel Furniture Zone
  3. Sofa City
  4. Home Decor Zone
Unlike the comprehensive stores at the Louvre Furniture Mall, many businesses in SUNLINK FURNITURE CITY (SOUTH) focus on specific product categories. The variety of options often provides more budget-friendly choices compared to the Louvre Furniture Mall and the northern section. If you're involved in a larger project that requires affordable furniture procurement, SUNLINK FURNITURE CITY (SOUTH) can be an excellent option, alongside direct purchases from reputable factories. At Simonsense, many of our retailers and wholesalers also opt for procurement from the southern section.
  1. Red Star Macalline Brand Furniture Exhibition and Wholesale Center


Red Star Macalline is a prominent name in the China furniture market, known as a comprehensive chain furniture mall in China. This center features some of the most sought-after brands and products, attracting buyers looking for top-tier furniture pieces. Its commitment to quality and its focus on offering top-notch designs have earned it a loyal following among consumers who appreciate exceptional furniture.
Red Star Macalline is among China's most renowned chain furniture shopping malls. As of December 31, 2022, the company operated 94 self-owned malls, managed 284 commissioned furniture malls, and had strategic partnerships with 8 home furnishing shopping malls. Additionally, they authorized 57 franchise home furnishings and building material projects, which collectively encompassed 476 home furnishings and building material stores and industrial streets.
As a chain furniture shopping mall, Red Star Macalline hosts a diverse range of businesses, mostly serving as dealers for various brands. These dealers either represent specific brands or operate with their own brand offerings. In essence, it's not markedly distinct from local department stores. The Lecong branch of Red Star Macalline boasts over a thousand merchants, providing a wide array of products across different styles and categories, with a primary focus on mid to high-end offerings. Many overseas individual buyers and designers frequently turn to Red Star macalline for their purchases.
Concerning pricing, it's advisable not to fixate excessively. Establish your budget, compare prices, and avoid getting overly caught up in discount percentages. This approach will help you navigate between different stores and factory showrooms, ultimately enabling you to find the furniture that perfectly suits your needs.
  1. Shunde Empire(Royal)Furniture Wholesale Center

Shunde Empire(Royal) Furniture Wholesale Center boasts a diverse range of furniture styles. Whether you're interested in contemporary, modern, or classic designs, you'll find it here. This market is a paradise for those seeking varied choices in terms of furniture aesthetics. Its reputation for offering a broad spectrum of styles makes it an attractive option for many buyers.
Shunde Empire(Royal) Furniture Wholesale Center covers a vast area of over 200,000 square meters, comprising 10 major shopping centers, accommodating more than 3,800 merchants offering over 100,000 products. Its product range is extensive, encompassing a variety of styles, including light luxury, Nordic, Chinese, European classical, modern, American, and more. Whether you are looking for office furniture, hotel furnishings, residential decor, outdoor furniture, rosewood pieces, or soft furnishings, you'll find it all here.
Established in 1990, Shunde Empire(Royal) Furniture Wholesale Center is one of Lecong's well-established large-scale furniture and decor wholesale hubs. It comprises seven main thematic sections:
  1. Modern Store (F.G)
  2. Budget Store (E)
  3. Royal Store (A)
  4. Noble Store (L)
  5. Royal Hotel Furniture International Procurement Center (IJK)
  6. Royal Home Decor International Procurement Center (B)
  7. Royal Office Furniture International Procurement Center (M)
  1. Tuanyi International Furniture City


TuanYi Furniture City spans an extensive area of over 100,000 square meters, with 30,000 square meters dedicated to its high-end furniture exhibition space and 60,000 square meters for the Lecong Furniture Exhibition Center.
Tuanyi Furniture Complex primarily focuses on office furniture. If you have substantial requirements for office furnishings, this is the ideal place to begin your search. While other furniture markets also offer office furniture, TuanYi Furniture City stands out for its wide range of options and relatively competitive prices in this category.
  1. Foshan International Furniture Expo Center (Easy Home & Lesso Home)


Formerly known as Foshan International Furniture Expo Center, this vast complex has transformed into Easy Home & Lesso Home. With a total floor area of 800,000 square meters, it has become the largest sole furniture shopping mall in China and the world.
Easy Home & Lesso Home offers an astounding variety of furniture and building materials, making it a one-stop destination for all your furnishing and renovation needs. It's conveniently located at the border with Lecong, making it easily accessible from the Lanshi and Kuiqilu metro stations. A visit to this massive center is highly recommended if you're exploring the Foshan Furniture Market.
SS Comment: IFEC was built relatively recently with the aim of emulating the successful model of the Louvre furniture mall. However, it missed the prime time for the offline furniture market development in China and couldn't succeed as planned. Eventually, it was leased to another major furniture shopping mall chain, Easy Home, and to the LP (Liansu Group), a large plastic pipe manufacturing plant in China, to expand its home-related businesses. Given the fierce competition, especially with the nearby Lecong market, IFEC gradually diversified its business by introducing dining and other ventures. If you have the time, it's worth visiting. Due to the relatively few customers, merchants might be eager for deals, and you might find some good bargains.
  1. Lecong International Furnishings Exhibition Center

Lecong International Furnishings Exhibition Center

The Lecong International Furnishings Exhibition Center, established in 2010, is the cornerstone of the vast Lecong Furniture Market, one of the world's largest furniture shopping centers. Encompassing a sprawling area of over 100,000 square meters, IFEC is renowned for housing numerous distinguished brands like Kuka Sofa, offering a wide range of contemporary furniture designs crafted from various materials and styles.
Visitors flock to the Lecong International Furnishings Exhibition Center for its extensive collection of furniture, including sofas, office furnishings, mahogany pieces, and home accessories. It serves as a focal point for furniture enthusiasts, setting the tone for the multitude of offerings within the city.
The Lecong International Furnishings Exhibition Center, with its two segments, A and B, is the heart of IFEC (International Furnishings Exhibition Center).
IFEC brings together a premier selection of global furniture brands, featuring more than a hundred furniture brands. These encompass European-style, neo-classical, modern, rosewood, office, hotel, kids, and outdoor furniture, catering to a diverse range of styles to meet the needs of both domestic and international customers.
  1. Nanhua furniture city

Nanhua Furniture City is located in Lecong, Shunde, adjacent to Sunlink Furniture City(South), renowned as the "leading furniture market of China, the city of furniture trade and innovation." Nanhua boasts 11 malls with a total area of over 100,000 square meters.
Nanhua Furniture City primarily focuses on wholesale but also operates retail businesses. It covers a full range of furniture categories, including European, American, rosewood, solid wood, panel, living room, dining room, bedroom, kids, outdoors, and more. Nanhua Furniture City is a large-scale, all-encompassing, and cost-effective factory furniture direct sales center.
Simonsense comments: Nanhua Furniture City is positioned in the mid to low-end market. There are many factory outlets here, and the prices are relatively affordable. I have personally found some good deals on solid wood beds and dining tables here. For the same brands and products, they can be several hundred yuan more expensive at Red Star Macalline. However, since the initial prices here are not high, the discounts you can get are relatively limited. They don't typically reduce prices significantly.
  1. Eastment International Furniture Center

Eastment International Furniture Center was founded in 2003 and was among the first to enter the intensive and specialized large-scale furniture retail and wholesale market in the Lecong Furniture Market.
Located in close proximity to Foshan's First Ring Road and Provincial Highway 121 (formerly National Highway 325), Eastment Furniture City covers an area of 72,000 square meters with a total area of 150,000 square meters.
Inside, you'll find various sections for sofas, office furniture, mahogany furniture, panel suites, and general furniture. It also features an export furniture zone and quality showrooms in this large-scale furniture wholesale shopping center.
SS Comments: Eastment International Furniture Center is positioned as a mid to lower-end option among the numerous furniture centers in Lecong. It offers a wide range of products at affordable prices. However, in line with the pricing, the styles may be somewhat outdated, and the quality is relatively average, but still within acceptable limits. As long as you are selective, have modest requirements, and know how to choose, Eastment International Furniture Center can be a decent choice.
Conclusion: Except for the top 10 furniture malls in the Shunde furniture market, there are still more. Each of these furniture shopping malls within the Lecong Furniture Market offers a distinctive experience. Whether you're interested in high-end luxury pieces, traditional Chinese-style furniture, the latest trends, or classic designs, there's something for everyone. With such a vast selection, Foshan truly provides an unparalleled furniture shopping experience.

Factory showrooms in Longjiang


I'm sure those looking to buy furniture have heard about the Lecong Furniture Market, which we've already provided a detailed introduction to, and it's indeed a great choice.
However, besides the Lecong Furniture Market, there's another place worth your attention. It's the furniture factory showrooms located in Longjiang. Just a stone's throw away from Lecong, approximately a 10-minute drive from the Louvre Palace. Stretching along both sides of Provincial Road S121 for about 6 kilometers, you'll find numerous furniture factory showrooms and material trade centers. Many of these factories also have outlets in the Lecong Furniture Market, but here, prices tend to be lower as they are factory showrooms. If you've already been in touch with some of these factory showrooms, you might have noticed that the MRP (Manufacturer Retail Price) is lower than what you'd find in shopping malls.
However, purchasing directly from furniture factories is a good option. They primarily deal with distributors and wholesalers, so if you want to buy directly from the factory, you'll need to do some research first, select a few factories, and get in touch with them. Have an idea of the prices in advance and, when you arrive in Foshan, head directly to their showrooms to see the actual products.
After the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more furniture factories have set up social media accounts or joined Alibaba's furniture platform. It's relatively easy to find furniture factories in Foshan. The real challenge lies in distinguishing one from another. If you want to understand the characteristics of furniture manufacturers in Foshan, please continue reading.
If you don't have the time for research or are unsure about how to distinguish them, you can also contact us. We can provide you with a one-stop service, including recommendations for reliable factories within our service package. I believe our industry experience of over a decade can save you a lot of time and money and spare you many troubles.

Chapter 3: Foshan Furniture Manufacturers

The furniture manufacturing industry in Foshan has a long and storied history, dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. During that period, the Foshan region was already renowned for its advanced woodworking craftsmanship, establishing itself as a significant center for furniture production in China.
As time progressed, Foshan's furniture manufacturing industry continued to develop and expand, gradually evolving its distinct style and characteristics.
Presently, Foshan's furniture manufacturing industry has grown into a comprehensive industrial cluster that encompasses various aspects, including furniture design, production, and sales. Among these, Shunde, a district under Foshan's jurisdiction, is one of the most concentrated hubs for furniture manufacturing in China. Shunde is home to over 5,000 furniture manufacturing enterprises and brands. These companies have gained widespread recognition, both domestically and internationally, for their high-quality products, innovative designs, and exceptional customer service.
Here in this guide, we will cover the following aspects:
  1. The Geographic Distribution of Foshan's Furniture Manufacturers
  2. Diversity in Furniture Offerings by Foshan Furniture Manufacturers
  3. The Pros of Opting for Foshan Furniture Manufacturers
  4. Challenges in Foshan's Furniture Industry
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The Geographic Distribution of Foshan's Furniture Manufacturers

Let's start with the conclusion: furniture manufacturers in Foshan are primarily located in the Shunde and Nanhai districts of Foshan city.
In detail, Shunde district is the most concentrated area for furniture manufacturers in Foshan, housing numerous furniture production companies and large furniture markets.
Specifically, Longjiang town in Shunde is a hub for furniture factories and raw materials, while Lecong town, as mentioned earlier, boasts significant furniture manufacturing enterprises as well except for the huge furniture market.
Nanhai district of Foshan is also an essential hub for furniture manufacturers, primarily concentrated in Jiujiang town. With the urban development and expansion of Foshan, more and more furniture companies have moved their factories to Jiujiang town and neighboring Heshan city.
Lecong, Longjiang, Jiujiang, and Heshan are geographically close, and after decades of development, they have formed a well-established furniture industrial cluster. This has significantly enhanced the competitive edge of Foshan's furniture industry. Although the furniture industry is gradually shifting to regions like Southeast Asia and Mexico, the industrial chain advantage of Foshan remains unmatched by many other areas.

Diversity in Furniture Offerings by Foshan Furniture Manufacturers

Foshan boasts an impressive count of over 5,000 furniture manufacturing enterprises. Inputting the keyword "furniture" into China's business information platform, Qi Cha Cha, generates over 100,000 search results, a testament to the vast scale of the furniture industry in Foshan. Among these 100,000-plus furniture businesses, there are manufacturers, trading companies, furniture stores, furniture markets, and various other commercial forms.
In the article "China Furniture City," we discussed the specialization of different Furniture Cities in terms of furniture categories. Within the Chinese furniture industry, there's a saying that you look to Foshan for quality upholstered furniture, head to Jiangxi for affordable solid wood furniture, and check out Dongguan for luxury furniture intended for export. Relative to other Furniture Cities, Foshan's furniture industry excels in its comprehensiveness.
In Foshan, you can discover a diverse array of furniture factories, including those specializing in home furniture, hotel furniture, outdoor furniture, office furniture, commercial furniture, and more. Among these, upholstered furniture, in particular, stands out, as it's a sector that has experienced rapid growth in recent years.
I believe that the majority of professional furniture buyers have suppliers in Foshan. Whether you are in China or in other countries and regions worldwide, much of the furniture available in your city likely originates from Foshan.
This is why, in recent years, with information becoming increasingly accessible, more and more customers are coming to Foshan to purchase furniture for their homes, projects, and businesses.

Advantages of Foshan Furniture

Foshan's furniture industry boasts a global reputation and possesses distinct advantages that are challenging for other regions to replicate. Here are the key strengths in my opinion:
  1. Pan-Furnishing Industry Cluster: Foshan's home furnishing industry is a juggernaut, with a market value nearing one trillion RMB and products exported to over 100 countries and regions worldwide. This industry spans 26 subsectors, including furniture, aluminum materials, hardware, and more, forming the world's most comprehensive Pan home furnishing network. The concept of "Foshan-made" resonates deeply. Home appliances and kitchen electronics in Beijiao, ceramic and sanitary ware in Nanzhuang, as well as furniture manufacturing in Longjiang, and furniture trade in Lecong, have together created a unique one-stop shopping model for home furnishing, building materials, lighting, rugs, home decor, and home appliances. Whether you're managing a furniture business or outfitting a new residence, Foshan is your go-to choice.
  2. Integrated Supply Chain: After years of development, Foshan's furniture industry has crafted an integrated process that covers everything from material sourcing and R&D to design, manufacturing, and trade across the entire lifecycle of furniture products. The 50-kilometer radius furniture industry cluster propels related sectors in Shunde's five towns and streets. With well-defined roles, extensive support, and cost efficiencies, this chain possesses a unique genetic advantage that's hard to replicate.
  3. Skilled Workforce: In Shunde, Foshan, there are approximately 500,000 professionals engaged in furniture-related fields, with around 250,000 working in furniture manufacturing. Foshan has nurtured a wealth of skilled craftsmen and entrepreneurial talents in the furniture and related industries.
  4. Swift responses to consumer preferences and market dynamics. Similar to Italian Furniture, Foshan's furniture manufacturing landscape comprises a multitude of small and medium-sized enterprises, each with its own unique brand, fostering an environment for crafting personalized furniture. Many of these enterprises maintain their showrooms and stores. This front-end shop and back-end factory model allows for agile cycles of design, R&D, manufacturing, and sales, ensuring swift responses to consumer preferences and market dynamics.

Challenges in Foshan's Furniture Industry

In spite of the expansive scale and renowned reputation enjoyed by Foshan Furniture, the industry confronts several significant challenges:
  1. The dominance of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: While Foshan hosts a significant number of furniture companies, the majority of them fall into the category of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Large-scale enterprises make up less than a tenth of the total, and there's a distinct absence of leading companies and well-recognized brands. Foshan has yet to produce publicly Listed companies or prominent furniture groups capable of competing on an international scale.
      In contrast, Zhejiang boasts many furniture firms with turnovers exceeding tens of billions of RMB. The management levels of these SMEs vary widely, often lacking in formality. Even though many of them produce high-quality products, there's a general lack of uniformity. This situation poses a considerable challenge for normal consumers and newcomers entering the furniture industry. In response to these challenges, Simonsense offers specialized furniture procurement agency services designed to streamline the procurement process for consumers, designers, newcomers, and retailers. These services help save time, reduce costs, and prevent unnecessary hassles.
  2. High Craftsmanship Requirement: Furniture products, particularly those in the upholstered furnishings category, require a significant level of craftsmanship. Craftsmanship is of paramount importance in the production of residential furniture, including items made from solid wood, stone, and non-standard, small-batch production. These processes are heavily reliant on skilled artisans for tasks such as prototyping, order fulfillment, and mass production. Craftsmanship plays a pivotal role, and with China's aging population, the scarcity of highly skilled technicians is becoming more pronounced. However, the Chinese government is initiating policies aimed at addressing this issue in the future.
  3. Product Homogeneity: A noteworthy issue facing many Shunde furniture companies is the perception that they are primarily engaged in high-volume, low-margin production, which has resulted in a marked problem of product homogeneity. This approach often leads to a lack of brand recognition and limited capabilities in original design, research, and development.
      At times, it may appear as though numerous businesses are offering identical products. While it might seem advantageous to have numerous choices for the same product, professionals understand that this is not an ideal scenario.
      On the one hand, these businesses differ in terms of quality, making it more difficult for buyers to choose. On the other hand, the furniture industry should ideally be characterized by diversity, offering a wide range of styles and materials.
      This is why I have dedicated over a decade to the furniture industry. Even though I briefly ventured into the Fortune 500 home appliance company, I ultimately returned to the furniture sector.
      The recent emergence of original designs at furniture exhibitions provides hope for the future of the China furniture industry, and I aspire to see it deliver innovative furniture products to consumers worldwide.
Conclusion: The furniture manufacturing industry in Foshan has continually evolved, adapting to the changing market demands and embracing technological advancements. With the city's strong manufacturing culture and commitment to quality, Foshan has developed a stellar reputation as a hub for furniture production. Though part of furniture production tends to shift to Southeast Asia and other countries, Foshan remains the top choice for furniture. Especially for high-end furniture.

Chapter 4: Furniture Shopping in Foshan

Beyond Furniture: Foshan's Diverse Offerings

While Foshan is undoubtedly renowned for its furniture, it offers much more than that. The city is a hub for interior design and decoration, providing a plethora of options to beautify your living space. Here are some of the offerings that go beyond traditional furniture:
Lighting Fixtures: Foshan is a great place to explore a wide range of lighting options, from chandeliers and pendant lights to wall sconces and LED fixtures. Lighting can significantly influence the ambiance of your home, and Foshan's manufacturers and suppliers can help you find the perfect lighting solutions.
Ceramics and Tiles: If you're planning home renovations, Foshan is famous for its ceramics and tiles. The city is a global leader in ceramic production, offering an extensive selection of designs and materials, from porcelain and ceramic to marble and granite. Whether you're revamping your bathroom or kitchen, you'll find a vast choice of ceramics and tiles.
Sanitary Ware: Foshan is known for producing high-quality sanitary ware, including sinks, faucets, toilets, and showers. These products come in various styles and finishes, making it easy to find fixtures that match your preferences and interior design.
Home Decor and Accessories: To add the finishing touches to your interior design, you can explore Foshan's home decor and accessory offerings. This includes items like mirrors, art pieces, rugs, and more. These elements are essential for personalizing and enhancing the aesthetics of your living space.
Custom Furniture: Many of Foshan's manufacturers and suppliers offer customization services. You can work with them to design and create bespoke furniture pieces tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Custom furniture is an excellent option for those seeking unique and personalized furnishings.
Foshan is a one-stop destination for all your home interior needs. Whether you're fully furnishing a new home, looking for unique decor pieces, or planning a renovation project, you'll find a wide array of products and services to choose from. The city's ability to cater to diverse interior design needs sets it apart as a comprehensive home improvement hub.
Lighting from China

Foshan: The Ultimate Furniture Shopping Destination

When it comes to furniture shopping, Foshan is unparalleled in terms of variety, quality, and value for money. The city offers a shopping experience that is both comprehensive and rewarding. Some key highlights of Foshan's appeal as a furniture shopping destination include:
Vast Selection: Foshan's furniture market, encompassing Lecong Furniture Market and Easy Home & Lesso Home, offers a massive selection of furniture, from bedroom sets and living room pieces to office furniture and outdoor furnishings. Whether you're a retail buyer, interior designer, or business owner, you'll find products that cater to your specific needs.
Quality and Craftsmanship: Foshan has earned a reputation for producing high-quality furniture and adhering to international standards of craftsmanship. When you shop in Foshan, you can expect quality, durability, and attention to detail in the products you purchase.
Competitive Pricing: The competitive nature of Foshan's furniture market has led to cost-effective pricing. You can find affordable options while still maintaining quality standards. The city is known for offering a range of price points to accommodate various budgets.
Customization Services: Many manufacturers and suppliers in Foshan offer customization services, allowing you to personalize furniture to your specific requirements. This flexibility is especially beneficial for interior designers and businesses that need tailored solutions.
One-Stop Shopping: Foshan's comprehensive approach extends beyond furniture. It offers a wide range of interior design and home improvement products, allowing you to fulfill all your needs in one place. From lighting and ceramics to decor and custom furniture, Foshan is a convenient destination for all your home-related requirements.
With its diverse offerings, commitment to quality, and competitive pricing, Foshan is an exceptional destination for anyone looking to buy furniture and enhance their living spaces.
Exploring the Lecong Furniture Market
While in Foshan, a visit to the Lecong Furniture Market is a must for anyone seeking to explore the world of furniture. Here's what you can expect when you venture into this expansive marketplace:
Diverse Categories: Lecong Furniture Market covers a wide spectrum of furniture categories, including living room sets, bedroom furniture, office furnishings, outdoor and garden furniture, and more. Whether you're furnishing your home, office, or commercial space, you'll find an extensive range of choices.
International Brands: Lecong hosts a multitude of international and domestic furniture brands, ensuring that you have access to a global selection. From renowned European designers to emerging local brands, you can explore an array of design aesthetics and price points.
Competitive Pricing: The market's competitive nature means that you're likely to find furniture that suits your budget. Whether you're seeking affordable options or top-tier luxury pieces, Lecong offers a variety of price ranges to accommodate different financial plans.
Customization Services: Many retailers and manufacturers within Lecong offer customization services. This is especially valuable if you have specific requirements or are working on projects that demand personalized solutions. You can collaborate with skilled artisans to create furniture that aligns perfectly with your vision.
Expert Guidance: Lecong Furniture Market is known for its knowledgeable and attentive staff. Whether you're an interior designer, retailer, or individual buyer, you can rely on the expertise and guidance of the market's professionals to assist you in your furniture selection.
Convenient Shopping Environment: The market's layout and design offer a comfortable and efficient shopping experience. The layout of stores and showrooms is well-organized, making it easy to navigate and compare different products. The market is designed to accommodate the needs of visitors and facilitate a hassle-free shopping experience.
Events and Promotions: Lecong hosts various events, promotions, and exhibitions throughout the year, which can be an excellent opportunity to discover new products and take advantage of special offers. These events can also serve as a platform for networking and building relationships with furniture suppliers.

Chapter 5: How to Reach the Foshan Furniture Market

From Guangzhou Baiyun Airport
If you're traveling from abroad or other parts of China, your journey to Foshan often begins at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport. Here's how to reach Foshan from the airport:
Taxi: Taxis are readily available at the airport. Foshan is approximately 50 kilometers from Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, and the ride can take around 45 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic conditions. While taxis are convenient, it's advisable to have the address of your destination written in Chinese, as English-speaking drivers can be limited.
Metro and Light Rail: Foshan is well-connected to Guangzhou by metro. You can take Line 3 of the Guangzhou Metro from the airport to the Guangzhou South Railway Station (Guangzhou Nan Railway Station). From there, you can transfer to the Guangzhou-Foshan Line or take a high-speed train to Foshan, which is often the fastest way to reach your destination.
Shuttle Bus: Some hotels in Foshan offer shuttle services to and from the airport. It's worth checking with your accommodation whether this option is available. Additionally, some shuttle bus services operate directly between the airport and Foshan, so inquire at the airport for schedules and routes.
Car Rental: If you prefer more control over your transportation, you can rent a car at the airport. However, it's essential to be aware of local traffic regulations and have a valid Chinese or international driver's license.
Private Transportation Services: Private transportation services like car services and ride-sharing apps can also be used to travel from the airport to Foshan. These services often provide convenience and the ability to communicate with drivers in English.
From Hong Kong
If you're traveling from Hong Kong, you have several options for reaching Foshan:
Cross-Border Bus: Cross-border buses operate between Hong Kong and Foshan. These buses usually cross the border at the Lok Ma Chau or Shenzhen Bay ports and drop you off at various locations in Foshan. The journey can take several hours, depending on traffic and border crossing times.
High-Speed Rail: The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link connects Hong Kong to the high-speed rail network in mainland China. You can board a high-speed train from Hong Kong West Kowloon Station to Guangzhou South Railway Station. From there, you can transfer to the Guangzhou-Foshan Line, which will take you to Foshan. This is one of the quickest and most convenient options.
Ferry and Taxi: You can take a ferry from Hong Kong to Shunde, Foshan, which takes around 55 minutes. From the Shunde ferry terminal, you can hire a taxi to reach your destination in Foshan. This route is a more leisurely and scenic way to travel from Hong Kong to Foshan.
The transportation options available will depend on your location and preferences. The high-speed rail connection has significantly improved trave between Hong Kong and Foshan, making it a relatively quick and convenient way to reach the city.

Chapter 6: Hotels Near Foshan Furniture Market

Foshan offers a range of accommodation options, from luxury hotels to budget-friendly lodgings. Here are some well-regarded hotels near the Lecong Furniture Market:
Sofitel Hotel: The Sofitel Foshan is a luxurious choice for travelers who prefer elegant accommodations. This upscale hotel offers modern amenities, including a fitness center, spa, and several dining options. It is located on the right side of the Louvre Furniture mall
Fortuna Hotel: The Fortuna Hotel in Foshan offers comfortable rooms and a convenient location, making it a popular choice for visitors to the Lecong Furniture Market.
Parklane Hotel: The Parklane Hotel is known for its spacious rooms and a range of dining options. It's a good choice for both business and leisure travelers. Special For Indians, there is an Indian restaurant within the hotel.
Marco Polo Lingnan Tiandi Foshan: This upscale hotel offers comfortable rooms, and extensive facilities, and is located in the trendy Lingnan Tiandi district, known for its shopping and dining options
Swissotel Foshan: Swissotel Foshan is part of the international Swissotel chain and provides guests with a blend of modern amenities and a convenient location.
Crowne Plaza Foshan: The Crowne Plaza offers modern comforts and is a short drive away from the Lecong Furniture Market, making it a suitable choice for visitors.
The choice of hotel will depend on your preferences, budget, and the specific location you want to stay near the furniture market. Foshan offers a variety of accommodations, ensuring that you can find a hotel that suits your needs and enhances your overall experience.

Chapter 7: Sourcing Furniture in Foshan

Navigating Foshan's Furniture Market

While the vast array of choices in the Lecong Furniture Market can be exciting, it can also be overwhelming. Here are some tips to navigate the market effectively and make the most of your furniture shopping experience:
Research and Prepare: Before your visit, research the specific furniture items or styles you're looking for. Having a clear idea of what you want can save you time and help you focus on the relevant stores.
Map Out Your Route: Since the market is extensive, it's advisable to create a plan or map out your route. This will help you visit the showrooms and stores that align with your interests and needs.
Check Quality and Materials: Examine the quality of the furniture and the materials used. Ensure that the products meet your standards and are durable.
Negotiate Prices: In many cases, prices are negotiable, especially if you're buying in larger quantities. Don't hesitate to haggle or seek discounts. It is advised to focus on a few suppliers rather than many. Generally, the more you buy from one supplier, the better support and service you can have.
Understand Payment and Shipping Terms: Clarify payment terms and delivery options. You should be aware of any additional charges, lead times, and warranties.
Network and Build Relationships: Building relationships with suppliers can be beneficial, especially if you plan to source furniture regularly. Establishing rapport can lead to better deals and support in the long run.
Check for Customization Services: If you need customized furniture, inquire about the services available. Many stores and manufacturers in Foshan offer customization to meet your specific needs.
Consider Working with an Agent: If you're sourcing furniture for your home, for a business, or for a larger project, consider working with a furniture sourcing agent who specializes in furniture. These professionals can help you navigate the market, source products, and ensure a smoother buying process.
Advantages of Working with a Furniture Sourcing Agent
Working with a furniture sourcing agent in Foshan or Guangzhou can provide numerous benefits, especially if you're undertaking a significant project or if you're new to the market. Here are some advantages of enlisting the services of a sourcing agent:
Local Expertise: Sourcing agents are familiar with the market, local suppliers, and manufacturing capabilities. They can guide you to the right sources that match your specific requirements.
Saves Time and Effort: Navigating the extensive Lecong Furniture Market can be time-consuming. A sourcing agent can streamline the process, saving you time and effort.
Negotiation Skills: Agents are experienced in negotiations and can often secure better deals and favorable terms on your behalf.
Quality Assurance: Agents can assess the quality of products and materials, ensuring that you receive furniture that meets your quality standards.
Customization Assistance: If you require customized furniture, agents can liaise with manufacturers to bring your design concepts to life.
Logistics and Shipping: Agents can handle the logistics and shipping arrangements, ensuring a smooth and efficient delivery process.
Language and Communication: If you're not proficient in Chinese, an agent can bridge the language barrier, facilitating effective communication with suppliers.
Furniture sourcing agents provide valuable support throughout the procurement process, ensuring that you make informed decisions and receive the best value for your investments.


In conclusion, Foshan stands as a leading player in the global furniture industry, with its extensive furniture market, diverse manufacturing landscape, commitment to quality, and competitive pricing. For anyone in search of quality furniture, interior design solutions, or renovation materials, Foshan is a dynamic destination that offers a comprehensive range of products and services. The city's contribution to the global market further solidifies its position as a key hub for the furniture industry. Whether you're an individual buyer, business owner, interior designer, or international importer, Foshan provides an unparalleled experience in furniture procurement and interior design.

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