Foshan Furniture

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March 24, 2020

Foshan Furniture

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March 24, 2020

Foshan furniture distributes 40% of the furniture market share in Guangdong and 20% in China. Its output value amounts to 13 billion RMB per year.

Millions of foreigners visited Foshan every year looking for furniture and renovation materials.

Foshan furniture is famous in the world for several reasons.

  1. It has the largest wholesale furniture market, Lecong furniture market, in the world.
  2. it is the most important furniture manufacturing base in China.
  3. Soon, it might become one of the important furniture exhibition centers in the world as a large exhibition center, Tanzhou exhibition center located in Shunde has been put into use in recent years.

In this article, I will share my knowledge of Foshan furniture with those whom wants to seek fortune by importing furniture from China. I will focus on 3 topics to explain it is famous and why you should import furniture from here.

  1. Foshan Furniture market
  2. Foshan furniture manufacturers
  3. Furniture shopping in Foshan

1. Foshan furniture market

Foshan furniture market also is known as the Lecong furniture market or the Shunde furniture market. It is located in Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan city.

Foshan furniture market mainly consists of over 10 furniture malls in the Lecong furniture market and Foshan international furniture expo mall which is in Chancheng district. It is just across a bridge with Lecong.

Thousands of furniture brands set up stores in the furniture shopping malls in here displaying millions of furniture pieces with different styles and costs.

You are guaranteed to find what you need if you know where and how to look at. Here I have listed a few famous malls for your reference.


Foshan furniture mall 

Foshan furniture mall refers to several furniture shopping malls in the Lecong furniture market and Foshan international furniture expo mall, now known as easy home & Lesso Home. Let’s have a look at the top 5 malls in the market.

Louvre furniture mall

Louvre furniture mall is the most prestigious one in China. It represents the best quality of furniture in China.

Louvre owns a group of furnishing theme buildings, Louvre International Furniture Expo Center, and Louvre International Furniture Headquarters building.

With a total floor area of 380,000 square meters, it gathered more than 2000 China famous furniture brands and hundreds of Europe’s top furniture brands.

In its 20 theme pavilions, covering furniture, sanitary ware, accessories, lighting, bedding, and other major household categories, you can get everything in one place.

You might think that it is good, but can you tell me the price level of furniture in the Louvre furniture mall?


Let’s have a look to help you get an idea.

Louvre furniture mall prices 

As I have introduced, the Louvre furniture mall represents the very best furniture in China. The price is also at a high level compared with other places. But it also covers different budgets, not all at a high price.

Take the sofa for an example. It ranges from 2000USD 50000 USD for different styles & different materials. 

I can’t cover all the prices as there are so many. If you are interested, tell me the styles that you want to buy. I will check for you as I live just across a street in the Louvre mall.

Sunlink furniture wholesale market

Sunlink furniture wholesale market is the second famous furniture shopping malls in the Lecong furniture market.

It consists of 2 parts, Sunlink north furniture mall & Sunlink south furniture mall.

Sunlink north furniture mall

With an operating area of 200,000 square meters and after years of development, it has formed 10 major furniture theme pavilions. Among the 10 pavilions, office & hotel furniture, rosewood & new Chinese style furniture and residential furniture series have become the top 3 in the market.

Sunlink south furniture mall.

Sunlink south furniture mall also covers a total floor area of 200,000 square meters. Sunlink south has four major professional furniture pavilions, sofa pavilion, Hotel Furniture pavilion, soft decoration pavilion, and Mahogany Art pavilion.

Macalline furniture mall Foshan

Macalline furniture mall Foshan was open in 2009. It’s one of the most important furniture shopping malls which belongs to the red star macalline furniture group.

Over 2000 furniture brands set up stores in Macalline furniture mall and among them, you can find the top 500 furniture brands in China.

Its products cover a wide range of categories including suite furniture, kids’ furniture, upholstery furniture, hotel furniture, and decoration materials.

Macalline furniture mall Foshan has the lowest rent in the top 5 furniture malls in Foshan. You can get a good deal if you know how to negotiate.

Sourcing experts at simonsense know the details well. if you would like to get some help, click to contact us here.

Foshan international furniture expo mall

Foshan International furniture expo mall is taken by easy home which is also known for furniture shopping mal in China & Lesso home which is set by the Lesso group who is famous for plastic pipes in China.

Foshan International furniture expo mall was firstly aiming to challenge louvre mall. However, it failed as the timing isn’t right. When it opens in 2013, Louvre already builds its fame in the world.

Moreover, by the time of 2013, the new trend in the furniture industry was e-commerce. Thus, it ends up renting out to easy home & Lesso home.

Foshan international furniture expo mall covers a floor area of 800,000 square meters. It’s the largest furniture shopping malls in China or even in the world.

It offers millions of furniture pieces at different price levels. If time allows, it worth a visit.

Lecong international furniture exhibition center

Lecong international furniture exhibition center covers an operating area of 100,000 square meters, including block A & block B.

Furniture categories you can find there:

  • Sofas,
  • suite furniture,
  • hotel furniture,
  • outdoor furniture;
  • home accessories;
  • Chinese furniture,
  • mahogany furniture
  • classical furniture.
  • office furniture;
  • European Furniture

Best furniture mall in Foshan

After reading my introduction to the top 5 malls in the market, I think you will have your own choice for the best furniture mall in Foshan.

Louvre is the most famous one, but I have to say that what fits your style & budget is the best.

At simonsense, we learn your needs carefully and recommend the most suitable resources to complete your project. Welcome to contact us for help.

For More about Foshan furniture market, please read: Top 8 Malls in Lecong Furniture Market


Foshan furniture manufacturers

Foshan furniture is famous not only for the largest wholesale furniture market in the world but also for its manufacturing capabilities.

In our top 5 China furniture factory locations, we have mentioned that pearl river delta is the most famous locations. Foshan is the most important part that consists of the pearl river delta locations.

Foshan furniture manufacturers find their ways in Longjiang town, Lecong town in Shunde district and Jiujiang town in Nanhai district.

Over 5000 furniture manufacturers of different categories and styles set up their furniture factories since the 1980s.

Foshan mattress

Foshan mattress is one of the categories that we cannot skip. Many furniture factories here started their furniture careers by producing & selling mattresses.

One of the top 5 brands which I used to worked for begin with mattress and then expand to all categories in the home furniture.

Today, there are still many Foshan furniture manufacturers focusing on the mattress.

In an anti-dumping list by the US government to mattresses made in China, there are many Foshan mattresses factories listed.

Among them, you can find Jinxinma furniture, chiland furniture, EON technology., etc.

It is to some extent explains why Foshan mattress is competitive in both quality and price.

Simonsense worked with lots of good mattress manufacturers in Foshan if you want to share our resources, welcome to contact with us here.

Foshan Sofa 

Foshan sofa is another category that made its fame in China furniture market. If quality is what you want, Foshan will be your best choice.

It is said that the first furniture entrepreneur here enters the furniture business because his relatives in HongKong sent him a sofa as a gift and he enjoys it a lot. Then he disassembled the sofa and found it is not difficult to produce.

Thereafter, more and more local people, now known as first-generation furniture folks started their furniture business.

Foshan sofa industry is the most famous one in China not because it is the earliest sofa manufacturing base in China. But also, because it has the most comprehensive industry chain.

In Foshan, you can get everything needed for building a sofa within 10km. Whatever the material you need, Foshan sofa factories can find similar materials within one day coz there is sophisticated material market supply all kinds of materials including leather, fabric, metal components, wood., etc.

Foshan sofa also has the best quality in China. Since it starts earlier than other places in China, it has the most skilled workers. It matters a lot to the quality of a sofa.

If you plan to import sofas from China, Foshan is your No.1 location to visit. Based in Foshan, simonsense built its list of quality sofa factories. Contact us if you would like to have our suggestions.

Foshan office furniture


Foshan office furniture is another important part of Foshan furniture’s blueprint. Foshan is one of the most developed areas for office furniture in China. 80% of its products are export-oriented.

Related article:10 Super Office Furniture Manufacturers in China

Hotel furniture manufacturers in Foshan china

Hotel furniture manufacturers in Foshan China is also famous in the field. Guangdong was the earliest place to see the rising of hotel furniture manufacturers in China. From entry-level to luxury products, hotel furniture manufacturers here cover it all. 

The experience makes it the best place for hotel furniture. With the sophisticated furniture industry chain, factories can respond to your hotel furniture needs quickly.

Don’t miss Foshan if you get a hotel project to complete.

Need any help? Order a Free consultation.


Furniture shopping in Foshan

Furniture shopping in China is a good chance to save your cost.

It’s never been so easy as it is not only famous for furniture but also famous for ceramic tiles, mosaic, doors & windows, and other renovation materials.

Plan a buying trip to Foshan, you will find all you need whether you are buying for your home use or for your business. There are unlimited choices ahead. Foshan is no doubt the center of China furniture industry.

Conclusion: Foshan furniture owns the complete categories and covers all styles and price levels. It has the largest wholesale furniture market, the Lecong furniture market in the world and it’s also one of the most important furniture manufacturing bases in China.

The 3 towns, Lecong, Longjiang, and Jiujiang contributes 90% of the capacity. It is one of your best choices for purchasing furniture from China.

Simonsense limited based in Guangzhou & Foshan with easy access to furniture sources here. We help companies and individuals buy furniture from China and provide one-stop products and services.

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