Furniture from China

Furniture from China is available in a variety of styles, materials, and costs. From affordable bean bag, sofa bed, to top-notch luxury sofas, cabinets. You will find furniture that could fit your market and budget. 

At simonsense, we have carefully selected a wide range of furniture with premium quality and competitive price. If you don’t mind that we are not a factory, you may go to to share our verified market reaching furniture designs.

In addition to the wide range of dedicatedly selected furniture designs with proofing advantages, here at simonsense, we also provide outsourcing services based on your personalized demands whether you are individuals, interior designers, architects, retailers, distributors, eCommerce, developers, contractors, or any other projects.

If none of the above products or services can meet your needs, we also offer custom-made furniture services with our strong connection with our design team and OEM factories.  

Here is a list of furniture we can offer at simonsense with our decades of insights. If you want to get more insights with expert advice. Feel free to order a one-hour free consultation with our sourcing expert.

Home furniture from China

Home furniture is one of the major product categories that simonsense provides for its customers. Here you are able to have a wide range of selections all in one place.

Living room furniture

Living room sofas, sofa beds, chairs, coffee tables, side tables, sofa side tables, tv stands, wall units. Storage and organization cabinets, all you need are available in China with different possibilities. No matter what your preference for styles, materials, costs, comforts, you can find the right products and suppliers in China.  

Living Room Furniture

Bedroom furniture

King size beds, queen size beds, single beds, upholstered beds, metal beds, wooden beds, headboards, bedside tables, chest of drawers, dressing tables, beddings. We offer everything you can think of a bedroom. Whether you are looking for a variety of bedroom furniture in bulk for your business, or you are looking to save money buying furniture from China for your residence. Here at simonsense, we help you get the personalized solutions and best deals.

Bedroom furniture from china

Mattresses china

Spring mattresses, latex and foam mattresses, cot mattresses, memory foam mattresses, inflatable mattresses, mattresses for children, mattresses for elders, mattresses for hotels, mattress toppers, mattress protectors. Whatever mattresses you are looking for, we got a solution.

matresses china

Dining room furniture

Dining tables, dining chairs, sideboards and buffets, dining mats, tableware, wind cabinets. Anything proper for a dining room is available in China with unlimited options. No matter affordable dining sets of 2 for small spaces, to 12 seats dining tables for a big family, cheap dining chairs in bulk, or bespoke luxury dining tables in rare large one-piece natural marble. China furniture factories offers you options.

contemporary dining table

Kitchen furniture

Kitchen cabinets, counter tops, kitchen taps and sinks, wall storage cabinets, kitchen islands and trolleys, lighting for kitchen, knobs and handles, shelves, cookware. Anything else you need for kitchen? China will satisfy you with its rich selections to fit in your budges whether you are sourcing for wholesale kitchen products with moderate price or high-end kitchen cabinets that is tailor made for your unique kitchen space.

Kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets from China

Solid wood kitchen cabinet, particle board kitchen cabinet, aluminum kitchen cabinet, stainless steel kitchen cabinet, ready to assemble kitchen cabinet, custom made kitchen cabinet, semi-custom kitchen cabinet, classic style, modern style, neo-classical style. There is one kitchen cabinet in China could fit into your interior style.

Kitchen cabinets from China are available in more options in styles, materials and cost. It’s one of the popular categories that people import from China for business or for home use. At simonsense, we assist you through out the journey to help find the one kitchen cabinets in China that is made for your space or business.

Kitchen Cabinet

Wardrobe from China

Wardrobe shelving, hallway wardrobes, walk in closet, hinged wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, mirrored wardrobes, fitted wardrobes. Whatever your space is, we get solution here in China to meet your needs.

custom wardrobe

Bathroom furniture in China

Bathroom furniture sets, bathroom cabinets, bathroom mirrors, showers, bathtubs, bathroom vanities, bathroom sinks, bathroom taps, bathroom rugs, bathroom lighting. Everything that you need for your bathroom, here in China, we have all in one place. List the items you like, let simonsense get you a satisfied solution. Ask for options at simonsense

bathroom furniture china

Outdoor furniture from china

Outdoor sofas, outdoor chairs and sectionals, outdoor dining sets, outdoor chaise lounges, outdoor cushions and pillows, outdoor coffee tables and side tables, outdoor hammocks and swings, outdoor benches, hanging chairs, umbrellas, pavilions. Whatever you dreamed of for your outdoor space; we got the right product for you.

A wide range of in-stock designs as long as custom made options in top material such as sumbrella fabric are on the desk for your selection at simonsense.

Patio Furniture

Wicker furniture from china

Wicker sofas, chairs, ottomans, sectionals, loveseats; wicker dining chairs, wicker dining tables, wicker baskets, wicker benches, coffee tables, cabinets. We have good offers for you.

wicker furniture china

Rattan furniture from china

Rattan sofas, chairs, ottomans, sectionals, loveseats; rattan dining chairs, rattan dining tables, rattan baskets, rattan benches, coffee tables, cabinets. At simonsense, we have good resources to meet your personalized request.

rattan furniture china

Hotel Furniture from China

Are you looking for hotel furniture from China? We offer one stop solution for hotel furniture from budget-friendly chain hotel to luxury 5-star hotels. Here in China you will find the right furniture.

Hotel beds, hotel bedside tables, hotel sofas, hotel wardrobes, hotel desks, hotel headboards, hotel bathtubs, hotel mattress, hotel beddings, hotel pillows, all you need at one place.

hotel furniture china

Office furniture china

From home office to large workspace, China has the office furniture that fit into your design. Source office furniture from China is good choice no matter what kind of workspace your need to furnish.

Workstations, Executive table and chairs, staff chairs, china office chairs, office sofas, meeting tables and chairs, office shelving, office partitions, office cabinets, conference tables and chairs, file cabinets, bookcases. Tell us your style and budget, we will recommend the right products and suppliers.

office furniture china

Commercial furniture from china

Commercial furniture is one of categories that is mostly for public space such as hospital, library, laboratory, airport.,etc.. In China, there are manufacturers for all the commercial furniture categories.

Commercial Furniture

Restaurant furniture from china

Restaurant tables, restaurant chairs, bar counters, bar stools, restaurant booths, serving trolleys, high tables? Drop us your list, we will come back with solution in no time. Get your solution now.

Restaurant-Furniture china

Salon furniture from china

Want to save money on furnishing your salon? Get all furniture and equipment from China is a good way. From hair salon to beauty salon, to message salon, we help get the salon furniture package.

Salon chairs, salon sofas, message chairs, bar chairs, reception desks, lockers, styling stations. All available in China at a variety of choices and budget. Check how much you can save now.

salon furniture china

School furniture from china

To furnish a school is not an easy job. You will need a wide range of products. It will take a lot of time for your team. With professional sourcing services, you could save bold on your purchasing.

Seating, tables, storage, library, media center, gym equipment, desks, computer furniture, audio visuals, boards.,etc. Let’s talk about your project.

school furniture china

Furnishing for public buildings from China

Waiting room sofas, lounge armchairs, waiting room chairs, bench seating, beam seating, Auditorium seats, church chairs, lounge tables.,etc. Send us your demands, we will come back with a solution. Get your solution now.

Furnishing for public buildings from China

Kids furniture from China

In need of beautiful and safe kids’ furniture for your prince and princess? Shop kids’ furniture from China will offer you a wide array of beautiful and safe designs.

Colorful and cozy kids chair and seats, lovely kids’ beds, kids’ mattress, kids’ desks and vanities, kids bunk beds, kids’ dressers, toddler beds, playroom furniture, kids table, and chair sets. Share the reliable kids’ furniture resources from simonsense.

Kids furniture from China

Mirror furniture from china

Want to start a niche furniture business? Mirrored furniture is a good choice.

Mirrored side table, mirrored floating console table, mirrored nesting table, mirrored dining table, mirrored event table, mirrored cabinet, decorative wall mirror, mirrored coffee table.

Want to have the access to qualified products from verified mirror furniture manufacturers from China.

Mirror furniture from china

Niche furniture from China

The niche market is always a good choice for business. Though it may have a small market volume, it has a good profit margin. here at simonsense, we provide sourcing solutions from space-saving furniture like murphy beds to standing desks, gaming chairs, massage chairs., etc.

Niche Furniture China

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