Furniture Manufacturers in China–A Complete Guide

Created by: Simonsense  |  Updated on: 
November 1, 2018

Furniture Manufacturers in China–A Complete Guide

Created by: Simonsense  |  Published on: 
November 1, 2018

This article will give furniture importers a complete guide on where and how to find reliable Furniture Manufacturers in ChinaIn this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about importing furniture from China.

  • General introduction of China furniture manufacturing bases
  • Where are export furniture manufacturers based
  • Pros & cons for each furniture manufacturing base
  • How to find reliable furniture manufacturers in China
  1. B2B marketplaces
  2. Trade shows
  3. Search engines
  4. Professional sourcing agents


A general introduction to China furniture manufacturing bases

In our previous top 5 China furniture factory locations. we introduced 5 major China furniture factory locations and had many people asking us for more information. Simonsense furniture has answered those calls. In this guide, we will use our 10 years of experience in the furniture industry to help you find out where and how to find a reliable furniture manufacturer in China.
It is common knowledge that China is the factory of the world, manufacturing almost everything from a screw to satellites and rocketsOne of China’s biggest and most important industries is furniture, with China being the biggest furniture exporters in the world.

Top 5 furniture locations

In fact, according to the China Furniture Association, there are more than 100,000 furniture manufactures located in the 5 major furniture manufacturing basesIn these locations, you will find sophisticated styles and types of furniture as well as their manufacturers. If you have read our last article on the top 5 furniture locations you may already know the 5 locations well. If not here is a quick recap of the 5.
  • Pearl River Delta area,
  • Yangtze River delta area,
  • Bohai Sea Surrounding Area,
  • Northeast China area,
  • West China area.

If you’d like some more information about these places then please check out our complete guide to these 5 furniture locations

An introduction to Sourcing furniture from China


Every year, countless furniture buyers are benefiting from the diversified products and services provided by those furniture manufacturers in China. You can find almost every type and style you need in the China furniture markets.


Though it is true that the choices are limitless, to find the most proper suppliers with good quality and competitive price is not an easy job. To achieve the goal, you will need sophisticated information and a proper investigation before you make your final decision. If your business doesn’t have the resources to have a dedicated team to buying it may actually be cheaper to go through an agent. 


The best option for starters and small businesses looking to buy from furniture from China


Sometimes the smartest thing to do is to engage a local Chinese furniture sourcing agent for your furniture business, especially for starters and small businesses. A professional sourcing agent does not only keep you up to date and able to handle your supply chain in China but also on average gets a much cheaper price for the same quality products than you can. Why? How?


  • Strong relationships with many factories allow more favorable deals
  • Understanding the actual cost for the raw materials in the local market
  • Knowledge of local price rates from wages to profit margins allow for an understanding of how much a product should cost
  • Sourcing is a full-time job, this is what we do every day. 

A perfect example would be the fact that each manufacturing base has its pros & cons, yet if you don’t know the local market and the local supply chain the chance of you getting the best product for the best price is slim to none. Going to the right place for the right products for starters will help you get the most out of importing furniture from China


Most factories are small scale


Another point is that among the 100k furniture manufacturers mentioned above, most of them are small-scale family-based factories with little to no knowledge of how to market outside of China. So even if you manage to find them I am sure many of you can agree that the difficulties have just begun. Thankfully though around 80% of them are good factories with their own strengths and collections, still, there’s the 20% of bad factories to look out for.


As shown in a recent report, only a few of these manufacturers can reach an annual turnover of 1 billion USD. With the majority not well organized, it’s very important to do the homework before you decided to cooperate with a supplier.


Furniture manufacturers locations around China

We already know that there are 5 major furniture manufacturing bases in China. Yet more and more locations have emerged as time goes on. Additionally, some of the bases have moved to other places due to China’s environmental protection actions as well as changing economics.
For importers and buyers outside China, It’s high time to learn or update your knowledge about the China furniture industry.
Especially knowledge about where export furniture manufacturers are based. In these areas, you can find designed products produced for your market. What’s more, it’s much easier to communicate due to frequent buyers. A win, win situation for you and the furniture factories.

16 furniture manufacture locations in China


To start you off here is a list of names where export furniture manufacturers in China are based.
  • Lecong, Foshan City, Guangdong Province- The largest and the most comprehensive wholesale furniture center in the world
  • Longjiang, Foshan City, Guangdong Province-The most important furniture material & upholstered furniture manufacturing town in China
  • Jiujiang, Foshan City, Guangdong Province-New Manufacturing base next to Longjiang Town.
  • Dalingshan, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province-comprehensive export furniture manufacturing base
  • Houjie, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province-Manufacturing and exhibition
  • Anji Town in Zhejiang Province-Home town of Chairs, also famous for loft-style metal and plastic furniture
  • Haining City, Zhejiang Province-sofas
  • Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province-office furniture and home furniture
  • Dangshan Town, Xiaoshan District, Zhejiang Province-bathroom cabinet
  • Likou Town in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province-wholesale furniture center in east China
  • Xianghe County in Hebei Province-Largest wholesale furniture center in north China
  • Shengfang Town in Hebei Province-Newly emerged base for Metal & glass furniture
  • Zhuanghe City in Shenyang Province-Solid wood furniture
  • Ducun Town, Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province
  • Qingdao, Shandong province-Japanese and Korea Style furniture
  • Chengdu, Sichuan Province-Wooden furniture, upholstered furniture
Above we listed some of the major places where export furniture manufacturers gather. Each of them has their own strengths due to the resources and support from the local government. Today we will break down some of the most important areas for you to have a look at.

Lecong Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Located in Guangdong, Foshan, Shunde. Its size covers approximately 32.2 million square meters and has over a 5km stretch of buildings showing and selling furniture for you.
Has that got you interested? How about knowing that there are over 3300 dealers and over 1500 factories selling over 20,000 different types of furniture products.
Lecong has all different types of furniture industries such as:
Along with being named by China ‘China’s Furniture Business and Trading Capital.’ You are almost guaranteed to find the product you are looking for here in Lecong if you know where and how to look…

Lecong Furniture malls

To give you some more details here is a list of names of some of the most popular furniture malls in Lecong you may wish to check out:
  • The Lourve international furniture exhibition for brand furniture
  • Red star maclalline furniture wholesale center;
  • Sunlink furniture center, north and south area
  • Lecong international exhibition center,
  • Tuanyi office furniture center,
  • Royal furniture center,
  • Dongming furniture center for affordable furniture,
  • Julong furniture center,
  • Nanhua furniture center.
  • Sunlink cabinets and lighting center

A complete guide to the Lecong Furniture Malls

Every mall has its pros and cons which every seasoned buyer knows, but you will be able to find what it is you need at a reasonable price here IF you know how to and are able to put the time and effort into thorough market research.
It’s smart to ask for professional assistance for market research as it may take a lot of valuable time to finish if you are not familiar with this areaPerhaps a better deal is to get some free consulting from the experts at simonsense furniture?

LongJiang Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

5km away from Lecong, Longjiang town is known as the ‘Important Town of China Furniture Manufacture’ and ‘Capital of China Furniture Material’.
This town has over 2000 factories and around 10 million square feet of furniture markets which makes it a must place to go when buying furniture.
Although Longjiang is one of the best furniture manufacturing towns in China, its specialty is upholstered furnitureIts sofas and chairs are leading the edge in China the upholstered furniture sector such as sofas and chairs.
  • An image of part of the LongJiang Furniture road


    Sophisticated Supply Chain

    Another reason why Longjiang furniture is so competitive is that it has the most sophisticated supply chain in the China furniture industryAt the 7 furniture material trading center, you can find every material needed to create furniture.
    Just think from a screw to leather, to fabric, to wood and all other materials for furniture you can ever imagine in one location. It sounds like a good place to find cheap, reliable furniture from right?

    5km of factory showrooms

    Yet another place in Longjiang is the G325 national road, 5km of factory showrooms for you to visit. Not only local furniture factories but also furniture suppliers from other manufacturing bases are setting their showroom up here. Why? because every year, this area sees the most business buyers from all over the world.
    If you are looking for a China furniture factory, Longjiang town should be on the top of your list to visit.


    Jiujiang Town, Foshan City, Guangdong Province


    Located next to Longjiang Town, Jiujiang is a newly emerged manufacturing base. Many furniture factories in Longjiang moved to Jiujiang in recent years. Unlike Lecong and Longjiang, Jiujiang mainly focuses on some niches like glass furniture, metal furniture, and Scandinavian furniture.

    As more and more factories from Longjiang start setting up new factories in Jiujiang, the two areas are beginning to form a larger base as they are physically close to each other.


    Dalingshan, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province


    Dongguan is another important city where export furniture manufacturers are basedAmong its 28 towns, Dalingshan and Houjie are the most renowned for furniture manufacturing and trading centers. Different from other bases, Dalingshan completely focuses on export furniture manufacturing. It started as an OEM factory for brands and It is now titled the “No. 1 Town in Furniture Export of China.”
  • Dalingshan furniture location

    In 2003, the furniture export volume of Dalingshan town was equal to the whole Malaysia national furniture export volumeSince 2004 one-seventh of the national furniture output is being produced and exported each year from this town.

    Large scale OEM factories

    More than 400 furniture enterprises are here producing one-seventh of China’s furniture in the early 21st centuryAbout 90% of these companies export their furniture with the US and Europe are the largest markets of Dalingshan Furniture.
    Due to Starting as an OEM factory for furniture brands in the US and Europe, factories here often have large scale and very good control of quality. If the price is not your priority, DalingShan is a furniture manufacturing base worth a visit.


    Houjie, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

    With the 3F furniture fair (The international famous furniture fair) held twice a year in Guangdong Modern international exhibition center, Houjie town is a great place for furniture exhibitions and trading.

3F Furniture Fair

Houjie is famous for its 3F furniture fair and wholesale market, yet Houjie is also outstanding in furniture productionIt owns over 400 furniture enterprises and 100,000 employees dedicated to producing furniture. In 2001, it was named as a “professional furniture town of China”.

High-end furniture factories

With strong government support, the furniture industry here has become one of the major industries for Houjie town. It has a comprehensive furniture industry chain including the following:
  • furniture material
  • furniture machinery
  • furniture manufacturing
  • furniture trade
  • furniture exhibitions
Houjie furniture leads the trends of high-end furniture made in China. It exports 40% of its products to Southeast Asia, America and the Mena area. In recent years, it has had a growth of exportation to Europe, Japan, and Korea. From its main markets, it’s not hard for us to tell the quality of its products. If medium- high-end furniture is your target market then Houjie should be one of your main furniture sourcing locations.

Anji County, Zhejiang Province-the chair manufacturing capital 


Located in East China, Zhejiang, Province, Anji County is the “town of China chairs industry” and the “town of bamboo furniture”.
There are over 700 furniture manufacturers producing all kinds of chairs including:
  • office chairs
  • bar chairs
  • dining chairs
  • bar stools
Among the 700 manufacturers, over 300 factories are part of the export business.
With government support, Anji’s chair industry is growing fast. So fast, in fact, some companies went public in recent years such as China chair industries and UE chairs. UE’s products mainly include office chairs, massage chairs, sofas, and functional chair fittingsAnji produces almost every type of chair with very competitive prices compared with other manufacturing bases in China.
Anji is the only manufacturing base that focuses on designing and producing chairs only. If you cannot find the chairs you want in other places. Anji town won’t let you down.


Haining City, Zhejiang Province-Sofas


Haining is also a city located in Zhejiang province, east China. It’s one of the furniture manufacturing bases in the Yangtze River Delta area. Haining is one of the major manufacturing areas for furniture leather. Furniture factory owners here take full advantage of its leather products and focused mostly on leather sofas.

Perhaps you’d like some more information on sofa factories then check out our top 10 sofa factories in China

An image of Haining Leather City, the place to find leather sofas


Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, East China-one of the most important locations for furniture sourcing


As one of the most important cities in east China, Hangzhou is also one of the important locations for furniture sourcing. Furniture manufacturers in this area show their strength in the following areas:
  • Office furniture
  • Upholstered furniture
  • Outdoor furniture


Office furniture manufacturing base

In 2012, China furniture association named Hangzhou “China office furniture manufacturing base”. In 2012, it had over 1200 furniture manufacturers and more than 2700 furniture sales companyAs one of the most open areas in China, furniture manufacturers in this area are quite open-minded and attach great importance to marketing and international operations.
In fact, several companies have achieved a yearly turnover of more than 1 billion RMB. Among those companies, KUKA home is the most outstanding one. Its main products are sofas and beds, and after going public in October 2016 it achieved a market value of over 27 billion RMB.
With many years of rapid development, Hangzhou is now one of the must-visit places for office furniture. You can count on it for below products:
  • Workstations
  • Office chairs
  • Filing cabinets
  • Office sofas
  • Screens
  • Swivel chairs
  • Smart office systems
  • Leather sofas
  • Beds

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Dangshan Town, Xiaoshan District, Zhejiang Province-For bathroom cabinets 


Dangshan town is a location in Hangzhou city. It is famous for making bathroom cabinets. In 2012, it was named “ town of China bathroom cabinet” by the China furniture association.


Likou Town in Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province-the wholesale furniture center in east China


Located in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, East China, Likou is the famous wholesale furniture center in Eastern China. It has over 45 furniture shopping malls and two main streets with furniture stores along the road. It has a display area of more than 1.5 million M2 and a warehouse area of over 600,000 M2. More than 4000 suppliers are gathered here supplying various types of furniture.


Xianghe County in Hebei Province-The largest wholesale furniture center in the North of China


XiangHe is the largest wholesale furniture center in North China. It not only can compete with Lecong but has also annual sales of 24.5 billion RMB, making it one of China’s most famous furniture distribution centers.
The mall was opened 15 years ago and now covers a 3-million-square-meter area, which holds over 7000 furniture shops, with over 10 thousand brands.
The mall is not just a building, but actually, a cluster of 30 buildings with a goal of combining the furniture industry cluster with furniture production and sales.


Shengfang Town in Hebei Province-Newly emerged furniture base for Metal & glass furniture


Also located in Hebei Province, Shengfang is famous for the manufacturing of metal and glass furnitureAs one of the important locations for steel and glass factories, Shengfang has its unique advantage for the raw materials of metal and glass.
In Shengfang, there are over 1500 furniture factories producing more than 80 million pcs metal and glass furniture every year. Its products cover:
  • dining tables & chairs
  • coffee tables
  • sofas with steel frames
  • metal beds
  • bunk beds
  • office furniture 

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 Metal and glass furniture exhibition center 

Early in 2005, a furniture exhibition center for metal and glass furniture covering 550 thousand square meters was set up integrating exhibitions, trading, and service in one location. In 2017, more than 2000 shops are selling over 80 thousand models of furniture including:
  • metal and glass furniture
  • office furniture
  • school furniture
  • public furniture.
With 2/3 of furniture manufacturers in Shengfang have set up their stores there. If steel and glass are your markets, Shengfang is the must-visit location.


Zhuanghe City in Shenyang Province-Solid wood furniture


In 2006 CNFA (China National Furniture Association named Zhuanghe City, in Shenyang Province, the “China solid wood furniture manufacturing base”.
Located in North China, Zhuanghe main advantage is supplying quality solid wood. In 2006, there were already more than 1500 solid wood furniture factories. Among them, Huafeng furniture is one of the best with a factory area of 3 million square meters and 12 thousand employees.
In 2006, its annual production capacity was already 10 million sets.
While According to Zhuanghe Government, the furniture industry in this area will invest in automation and modernization for its furniture factories making it quite reasonable for us to expect more standardized and higher-quality solid wood furniture from here.

Ducun Town, Jiaozhou City, Shandong Province-bentwood furniture 


Ducun town is the newly built export furniture manufacturing and trading base in Shandong Province, north China. It is supported by the Jiaozhou government and Qingdao furniture association. Its main strength is bentwood furniture and solid wood furniture.


Qingdao, Shandong province- Japanese style furniture


One of the most famous cities in north China, Qingdao is famous for furniture manufacturing, home appliances, and beer.
Located at the seaside, Qingdao has become one of the most important furniture export bases in North ChinaLike all furniture manufacturing base in North China, Qingdao takes full advantage of its natural resources in making wooden furniture. With it being close to Japan and Korea, the Japanese furniture style is popular in this area.

Additional furniture manufacturing bases

Although there are still a lot of furniture manufacturing bases growing in China such as:
  • West China furniture center Chengdu
  • Middle China furniture center Hubei,
Qingdao is the last station we will introduce in this article. With all 16 Furniture manufacturing bases in this article already covered they can create all types of furniture, you can ever think of.
So far we have only introduced each furniture manufacturing base. To truly understand them you’ll have to put the time and effort to visit each one to know how to get the best deal. Or we could save you that time by working with us. Why not contact us and have a free one-hour consultation to help your business?

Next up in this ultimate guide we are going to talk about finding reliable furniture manufactures in China.


How to find reliable furniture manufacturers in China


Finding a furniture supplier is easy, but finding a good supplier is not. There are 4 main ways to find a supplier in China.

  1. Furniture fairs
  2. Trustworthy B2B marketplaces
  3. Search engines
  4. A reliable sourcing agents


Furniture Fairs in China


20 years ago, the internet was not as convenient as today. Buyers could only count on furniture shows to find a reliable furniture manufacturer. The Furniture suppliers who attended fairs back then were far more competitive thanks to extra funding compared to than those who couldn’tEven today, furniture fairs are still one of the most important ways to maintain a relationship with old suppliers or even to find new ones.

The main advantage of furniture fairs

At a fair, furniture suppliers will exhibit their new products which can only be seen one or two months later in other channels. At a fair, one can see how the products look like and check the quality with the supplier face to face. It’s the most secure way to verify a supplier.
Every coin has two sides, though it is secure to find a supplier by going to a furniture fair, there are also disadvantages. First of all, it is also costly for buyers. Not only do you have to fly to China to visit the fair; moreover after buying you will have to deal with the supply chain from back home. it’s definitely not as convenient as in your own city. Moreover, a fair only last a few days, you cannot check all the details of their furniture company during such a short time frame.
Another problem is that in China, there are mainly two time periods for exhibitions in China, one in March and Another in August/September. This is not always convenient for every buyer.

Chinese furniture fairs-the places and dates 


In March, there are 3 furniture fairs held at the same time.

  • Shenzhen International furniture exhibition (SIFE) held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from March 19th to 22nd, March. SIFE is a commercial design exhibition for China’s furniture industry of the highest quality.
  • International famous furniture fair (3F), held at Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Centre from March 16th to March 20th. 3F mainly focuses on the China domestic market. From 2014, it also sets up 30,000 sqm Export Pavilion gathering export-oriented furniture producers in one centralized location, international buyers can shop with more ease and comfort, and find their target products more efficiently.
  • China international furniture fair (CIFF), held in Chinas import and export complex in Canton. From March 18th to March 21st (Phase one, for home furniture), March 28th to March 31st (Phase two, office furniture) Founded in 1998, China International Furniture Fair, known as CIFF, takes place semi-annually in Guangzhou (March) and Shanghai (September). With the successful experience of the past 40 sessions, CIFF has been well accepted as the Weatherglass of China’s Furniture Industry, Asia’s Furniture Sourcing Center and the No.1 Platform for the World Class.

August-September furniture fairs

In September there are an additional 3 fairs to attend.

  • International famous furniture fair (3F)-August 11th to 14th. Held in Dongguan
  • China International Furniture Fair (Shanghai)-National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai • Hongqiao),10-13 September
  • China International Furniture Expo-September 11th to 14th (Shanghai • Pudong). CIFE is an export-oriented furniture fair for high-end furniture highlighted in contemporary furniture, international brand and up to date designs, it’s the most valuable furniture fair for international buyers.

As you can see if you were going to participate in all 6 fairs in order to even have a chance at finding the best possible valued furniture, you would need at least 2 teams for both months and a minimum of 2-3 days spent at each fair. Why not let professional full time sourcing agents do the hard work for you? Let SimonSense use our resources, use our expertise and use our staff to find you the best furniture solution for your business. Or if you’d like to try yourself then please check out our top 10 tips on buying sofas from China.


Trustworthy B2B marketplaces


The online B2B marketplace is another convenient resource to find a furniture supplier in China, there are three major B2B marketplaces.

  • for furniture factories is the largest and most successful B2B marketplace in the world. Thousands of people are sourcing products from You can find almost every type of product produced in China.
Specific to the furniture industry, about 50% of furniture suppliers are promoting their products on Alibaba.comYou can easily find furniture of the following type according to the navigation on Alibaba.
  • Home furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Commercial furniture
  • Furniture hardware
  • Baby furniture
  • Furniture parts
  • Children furniture
  • Plastic furniture
Take the keyword furniture, for example, a simple search will bring you 5053271 products from more than 3000 suppliers. What’s more, products on Alibaba are always increasing. With one click, you can send your inquiry to hundreds of suppliers. No doubt, it will be a good choice to find a supplier. Yet as easy as it is for you to find a supplier the major drawback to this style of business is you are just a number. To get the best price a face to face meeting will almost always deliver a better price

MADE-IN-CHINA.COM- a place to find furniture manufacturers 


Made in China is another famous B2B marketplace in China. It was founded in 1998 and became one of the major B2B platforms providing product information of 27 categories and 3,600 sub-categories, displaying website information in 11 languages. Compared with Alibaba, made-in-china has fewer products and suppliers, however, the quality of products and suppliers are better.

There are 12 furniture categories, more than 60 thousand types of products with over 2000 suppliers on the platform.




made-in-china example

Global sources: – leading B2B platform 


Global Sources is one of the leading business-to-business Media Company’s and is a primary facilitator of trade with Greater China.
The company organizes export sourcing shows in Hong Kong every April and October with eight events annually.
These shows include the world’s largest electronics and mobile electronics shows. Global Sources is also a majority shareholder in the Shenzhen International Machinery Manufacturing Industry Exhibition (SIMM) and its related shows — the leading machinery exhibitions in Southern China.

Main Strengths

Although its main strength is electronics and machinery, there are a lot of furniture manufacturers in China promoting products on global sources. Why Because, simply, it has the longest history among the 3 major B2B marketplaces. Its major selling point is other than online marketing it also promotes through trade shows and magazines, which the other 2 platforms don’t.
With a simple search of “furniture”, there are 35240 products from 837 suppliers. It’s not as popular as Alibaba or but if you want less choice global sources is a good option.

Risks of buying from these platforms

No doubt, the B2B marketplace is very convenient for your initial study of what’s available on the supply endHowever, you will still need time to verify suppliers before buying to minimize risk. What’s more, a lot of them on these platforms are trading companies pretending to be manufacturers. If a manufacturer is a must for you, you need to be careful when you look at suppliers on those B2B marketplaces. When buying from these platforms try and do research on the company beforehand.
Are you are looking for an open and reliable company to work with? One who can ensure you have profitable products and great service. Why not choose Simonsense? We will ensure everything from the manufacturer to end service, giving you what you need.

Looking for Furniture suppliers via Search Engines

What will you do when you need to find answers on the internet?
The answer is almost always “Google” or another search engine such as “” or “”. If you have decided to further develop your furniture business. You’ve already probably done some research AKA that is why you’re on our site. Most suppliers have a website. From the designs and contents of their websites, you can learn if they are professional or not.
global-sources image

an example using global-sources


Create a datasheet

To effectively to find out if they are suitable for you, you should create a spreadsheet to record the data.
The datasheet helping you record the search result is very important, the table should include columns such as:
  • company name
  • contact information
  • business scale and scope
  • category checkboxes (important)
  • additional notes
Once you have done this you should have a fairly large selection of potential suppliers. At this point, if you are only looking for furniture manufactures there is a general rule of thumb. Look at the size of the factory, then look at the different types of furniture. If there is a lot of types with a relatively small/medium factory they are either A. a trading company B. most likely low-quality furniture.

Use the right keywords

Another important issue to find the right supplier is the keywords used for the search. You already know that furniture is a consumer product, by using product keywords only, the results are probably not what you need. Most of the time B2C (online shops) websites like Ikea, Wayfair, Costco, Walmart, Amazon pop up. To find what you want keywords like“China furniture factory”, “China furniture manufacturers”, “China wholesale furniture supplier” would be better.

Contacting furniture suppliers

After you have your list ready, you can start some initial contact with the suppliers. Email communication is the best option, yet WhatsApp or WeChat are other great options but do all final transactions by email.
If you decide to buy from China, WeChat is an app that you must have on your phone, with almost 1 billion users it’s the most popular instance chat app in China. It’s very convenient to send, share photos, have free internet video calls. What’s more, WhatsApp is for most of the time blocked in China. You may not be able to get in touch quickly with your supplier if WhatsApp is the only app you have for instant chat. Furthermore, outside of international business emails are not frequently checked. To say again Wechat is a must for doing business in China.

After contacting the furniture supplier

After the initial contact, you will have your final list, then, you can plan your sourcing trip. If it is your first time to China, you’d better have a pro who is knowledgeable about the China furniture market. That or risk getting lost in the jungle and unable to take full advantage of your visit. Simonsense Furniture is one of the best in class in this field and is willing to help you. Contact us now for a free consultation.


Why you should source furniture through a sourcing agent

For small to medium furniture companies, our honest advice is to find a good sourcing agentQuite frankly if they are good they will know the market inside and out and they will find you a better deal than you ever could by yourself.
A professional sourcing agent can take you directly to the right factory and help you negotiate the best price with suppliers. How?
Well they know the local prices from:
  • wages
  • land cost
  • taxes
  • raw material costs
  • supply chain route
To work with a true professional sourcing agent means you will get the best value for your money and 9/10 times actually get a better price than on your own.

6 steps to find a reliable sourcing agent

However, there is also the risk that only a few are really professional. There are a few simple ways to verify whether they are the right company or person who can help with your business.
  • Check their websites. Though setting up a website is easy nowadays, building a good one is not. A professional’s website should be rich in content, including lots of professional knowledge about your industry.
  • Check the products they have sourced. Most sourcing companies will list some products they have sourced on their websites. From the photos and descriptions, you can learn if they can help find the right products for you.
  • Check the project cases and testimonials. Project cases not only show the products but also the process of how they do it. A real testimonial tells you what their client says about them and their services.
  • Check their sourcing procedures. A sourcing agent who can offer one-stop services could be of great value to your business. It saves a lot of time and troubles, allowing you to focus more on marketing and selling. A professional sourcing procedure should include:
  • outsourcing
  • order negotiation
  • in-line and final inspection
  • loading monitoring documents
  • cargo consolidation and so on.
  • Contact them and ask them the questions you have prepared. There are two aims to ask questions. One is to check if they are a professional in your field, the other one is to verify if they are easy to communicate with.
  • Check their resources. If someone is a professional in sourcing, they will frequently visit factories, which in turn gives them a lot of potential resourcesSimply ask them to show you what they have and recommend products and suppliers based upon what you need.
Through the 6 steps, I’m sure you will find the best aid to start your furniture business.
Simonsense Furniture is one of the best in class furniture sourcing agents in this field. After being in the furniture business for more than 10 years, SimonSense has thousands of verified good factories for you to see.

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