How to Import Carpet from China-A Complete Guide

Created by: Simonsense  |  Updated on: 
December 1, 2021

How to Import Carpet from China-A Complete Guide

Created by: Simonsense  |  Published on: 
December 1, 2021

Are you in need of classic and custom-designed carpets with a combination of excellent quality and affordable price to complement any décor for home and office use?

You need to look no further! They are offered by Chinese vendors and are attractive and combine excellent quality with flawless craftsmanship.

SIMONSENSE, a one-stop solution for your interior design products from china, has put together for you a complete and comprehensive guide with tips on how to select the best Carpet at the best price. Continue reading to learn more about how to find the right carpet supplier in China for your needs.

1. Types of Carpets in China

It's crucial to think about the carpet design that'll look best in the space you're planning to install it in. Tough Olefin/Polypropylene carpets may be beneficial for office purposes, but a lush Saxony carpet may be ideal in a guest room.

The following are some of the most popular carpet types you'll come across.

1.1 Woven: 

Woven carpets are a high-quality product made primarily of wool or a wool/polyester mix. The carpets are created using a loom in the same way that conventional carpets are made. The carpet strands are woven into the backing, resulting in a sturdy and long-lasting product. Due to its structure, a woven carpet is claimed to endure up to three times longer than a tufted carpet.

China's manufacturers of high-quality woven carpets provide a stunning range of handmade carpets in many designs that would complement any décor, from homes to hotels. Whether you're looking for a trendy yet functional carpet for an office or hotel or a luxurious, eye-catching style to complement a stunning house, 


1.2 Needle felt Carpet

These carpets are more developed in terms of technology. Individual synthetic strands are intertwined and felted using barbed and forked needles, resulting in exceptional durability. These carpets are typically seen in business environments like shops and resorts, where foot traffic is high.

There is an excellent selection available from China manufacturers right now. They provide a carefully selected range of renowned carpet manufacturers to fit every interior design budget, space, and style. Shandong and Guangdong provinces are home to manufacturers. Whether you choose a modern or traditional appearance in your house, they have a carpet to fit.

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1.3 Knotted Carpet

A knotted-pile carpet has elevated surfaces, or piles, created by cutting the ends of knots woven between the warp and weft. The smooth and thick knotted Carpet distinguishes it from other carpets.

China providers offer a wide range of knotted carpet patterns and colors and several benefits to homes and business owners who choose to use their products. The province of Zhejiang is where most Chinese suppliers are located. They provide luxurious carpets for family rooms, living rooms, dens, and bedrooms.

1.4 Tufted Carpet

Tufting is the technique of using specialist multi-needle sewing machines to make fabrics, particularly Carpets.

Customers may get high-quality printed hand-tufted carpets in China providers, which are well-liked for adding to the aesthetic appeal of interiors. Zhejiang, Shandong, and Guangdong provinces are the most frequent locations for manufacturers. They provide printed tufted carpets in various appealing designs, all made from the highest quality polyester and wool.

2. Fibers and yarns of Carpet

2.1 Nylon

Nylon is a popular synthetic carpet fabric. Nylon is a material that lasts a very long time. Nylon carpets of excellent quality can easily survive for decades.

Nylon also possesses yarn memory; thus, it is unaffected by footprints. Because it is the most powerful, it is preferred in high-traffic locations. Nylon is also resistant to abrasion and does not show dirt readily.

The average price of a basic Nylon carpet is around $2.38. Type 6,6 has traditionally been regarded as a particular type due to its increased strength and durability. 

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2.2 Polypropylene

Premium Outdoor polypropylene is one of the most well-known synthetic carpet fibers. Color dyeing is a part of the production process for our Premium Outdoor polypropylene yarns, which implies the dye is added.

At the same time, the material is being made, as opposed to others where colors are added later. Due to this characteristic, polypropylene has a high resistance to bleaching in machine laundering and fading when exposed to the sun.

Polypropylene is also resistant to mold, mildew, stains, shedding, and water, much as other synthetic fabrics. For outdoor carpets and rugs, it's the most excellent carpet fabric. On the low end, this sort of Carpet costs $8 per square yard, while higher-quality carpets cost $25 per square yard.

2.3 Wool and wool-blends

Wool is, of course, the original and most widely used carpet yarn. It's a natural yarn made from free-range sheep who roam green fields and are only sheared yearly. Shearing sheep is a safe procedure that takes ten months for the sheep to regrow their fleece.

We prefer wool as a carpet yarn since it is 100% renewable and has no negative environmental impact. Wool is also entirely biodegradable, making it the most ecological fiber on the planet. The main component of wool is keratin, an organic protein with unique chemical properties that dissolve into the soil, supplying additional nutrients fully. The lowest price per square meter is $48.44, while the highest price per square meter is $107.64.

2.4 Polyester

Polyester carpet fiber is known for its luxuriously soft "hand." Color clarity and retention are both excellent.

Polyester is a stain-resistant fabric that you can easily clean. Polyester does not maintain fiber height as well as other carpet fibers under traffic and shifting weight. Polyester is opulent, abrasion-resistant, easy to care for, and stain-resistant. Wool and nylon carpets are more expensive than polyester carpets. Polyester carpeting typically costs between $6 and $15 per square yard.

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2.5 Acrylic

Acrylic carpet fiber has the same look and feel as wool but is less expensive. Acrylic carpet fiber is moisture and mildew resistant and has a low static level.

It's prevalent in Velvet and Level Loop structures, and it's frequently utilized in the bath and scatter carpets. Because it is an artificial fiber, acrylic carpet fiber is called art, art wool, or synthetic wool. These fibers have the look and feel of wool but are far less expensive. Static electricity, dampness, mildew, fading, crushing, staining, and sun damage are all things that acrylic carpet fiber can withstand.

Acrylic fiber, on the other hand, is not long enough to withstand heavy traffic. The minimum and maximum costs per square meter are $21.53 and $75.35, respectively.

Choosing the Best Carpet Materials

Synthetic fabrics like polypropylene and nylon are less expensive, stain-resistant, and mold and mildew-resistant.

However, they will deteriorate faster. Natural fibers like wool and sisal are more expensive, discolor more efficiently, and attract insects, but they are more robust and last longer.

When we asked carpet owners which materials they preferred, there was a tie between those who favored synthetics and those who chose natural products in our poll. Some customers informed us they went with wool and synthetic blend, which may combine a natural carpet with the advantages of synthetics, such as stain resistance.

What is the difference between Carpet and rug?

A rug is a thick, heavy fabric used as a floor covering that generally has a nap or pile. In contrast, a carpet is a heavy tufted fabric used as a floor covering a surface or layer. Rugs can be laid on top of carpeting in high-traffic areas, such as entryways and hallways, to decrease carpet wear and tear. You can also use rugs to disguise carpet damage, such as small holes or stains that are difficult to remove.

Which country makes the best Carpet?

Hand-knotted carpets receive their names from either their area or their nation of origin, just like their pattern. Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, India, China, and the Caucasus are essential countries producing handmade carpets. Turkey, Morocco, and Egypt, for example, are all large countries with distinct cultures. Modern knotting techniques are used to create carpets that are geared to Persian models. Chinese carpets are long-lasting models made of industrially manufactured wool and coated with chromium colors. 

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Why import Carpets from China?

China has been the world factory for nearly everything. Carpet is no exception. There are thousands of carpet manufacturers in China offering a variety of carpets. You are guaranteed to benefit of putting your carpet supply chain in China.

1. Importing from China is less expensive.

Carpet production in China is less expensive than in any other European nation. Although we may feel that import expenses raise the total price of the goods, manufacturing, and transportation costs are lower than those incurred in our country. When a business's costs are lower, and its commercial margin is higher, it becomes more competitive.

2. Products are of higher quality than those found in other Asian nations

Despite the widespread misconception that Chinese items are of poor quality, goods made in Asian countries are frequently of more outstanding quality than those imported from other Asian countries such as India or Vietnam. It's because they're accustomed to working in China under the rigors of the European market.

3. There are no issues with large quantities.

Although this creates issues, most firms who choose to import their products from China do so in large quantities. However, there is no need to be concerned, as Chinese factories are genuinely massive facilities capable of producing enormous goods.

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Top 10 China Carpet Manufacturers

To get the most out of importing carpet from China. It is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding on China carpet industry and market. 

I have listed the TOP 10 carpet factories in China to help you get started. If you will have large quantities, you can also contact them directly. If you do not always have a large quantity. A medium sized carpet factory might be a better choice. Ask simonsense to recommend China's carpet manufacturers.

1. Haima Carpet Corporation

 Haima Carpet Corporation (previously Weihai No.1 Carpet Factory) was founded in 1958 and is a national leader in carpet production, trade, and scientific research and development. Over 200 innovative carpet production machines from the United Kingdom, the United States, Belgium, and other countries have been introduced by Haima Group Corporation. The Haima Group Corporation has six subsidiaries.

2. Weihai Shanhua Carpet Group Co., Ltd  

Weihai Shanhua Carpet Group Co., Ltd is the first company in the Chinese carpet industry to be named "China Top 500 Most Valuable Brand" and the "Iconic Brand of the Chinese Carpet Industry." It is a company that is dedicated to producing high-quality products for the international market. Shanhua Carpet provided premium quality Carpet for several nationally significant projects in China, including the Great Hall of the People, Jingxi Hotel, Lhasa Railway Station, Shanghai APEC International Conference Center, and many others.

3. Huade Carpets Group

Huade Carpets Group, founded in 1986, is one of China's significant makers of machine-made carpets. Huade Carpets Country operates ten factories throughout China, all of which are equipped with powerful technology from Germany, the United Kingdom, and Belgium. Huade Carpets Group, which employs over 5,000 people, can produce 15 million square meters of Carpet per year and specializes in hotel carpets, office carpets, handmade carpets, and outdoor carpets.

 4. Dongsheng Carpet Group

Dongsheng Group, founded in 1998, specializes in manufacturing different carpets and has grown to become one of China's most significant machine-made carpet production and export bases. With an annual capacity of 23 million square meters, the group primarily manufactures different residential and commercial machine-made and handmade carpets. It has been ranked top among peers in production volume for the past ten years.

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5. Kaili Carpet

Kaili Carpet has embraced the historic opportunity presented by China's reform and opening-up and the fast expansion of the carpet industry during the last two decades. It has consistently adhered to the customer-centric and market-oriented philosophy, implementing continual improvements based on consumer demand and earning the respect and trust of worldwide customers.

6. Kaiya carpets

Kaiya carpets is a renowned producer and supplier of polyester rugs, printed carpets, bath mats, cushions, and fake fur. They provide artistry to carpets by focusing on quality standards, outstanding customer service, and a dedication to excellence and continuous innovation. Their manufacturing skills enable us to produce products quickly and efficiently.

7. Binzhou Oriental Carpet Co., Ltd

Binzhou Oriental Carpet Co., Ltd was established in 1994. It is a company that specializes in carpet research & development, design, manufacturing, sales, and servicing. Home carpets, hotel engineering carpets, commercial office carpets, ships & cars, and aviation carpets are among the company's product categories. The overall strength of the carpet business is unrivaled.

8. Shandong Hongye Carpet Co., Ltd

In 1995, Shandong Hongye Carpet Co., Ltd. was established. The manufacturer's area of business encompasses woven, tufted, and other Carpet and rug production. Hongye carpet is known for its high quality worldwide and is regarded as a national treasure. Knotted rugs are natural and exquisite, Persian carpets are noble and majestic, wool tufted rugs are elegant and straightforward, acrylic rugs are lively and bright, and machine-produced rugs are colorful and fashionable.

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9. Voxflor

Since 1997, Voxflor has been a global manufacturer of design-inspired carpet tiles. With carpets produced in their Asian plants, they serve 52 countries worldwide, with an annual capacity of over 10 million m2. Their focus on service is unrivaled, ensuring their client's high levels of quality and efficiency while also paying close attention to the environment, utilizing green energy, and ensuring long-term sustainability.

10. Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Carpets (GROUP) Ltd

Qinghai Tibetan Sheep Carpets (GROUP) Ltd is a multipurpose trading business that produces, supplies sells and researches Tibetan Sheep Carpets. They primarily deal in three carpet series, with approximately 20 different kinds and 100 different qualities ranging from 45L to 300L. Woolen Tibetan Carpets, Silk&Wool Tibetan Carpets, Silk&Hair Tibetan Carpets (Yak-hair, Camel-hair, and Cashmere), Semi-dyed Tibetan Carpets, Hand-spun Yarn&vegetable dyed Persian Carpets, Silk Carpets, Guntufted Carpets, and Machine-made Rugs, etc.

5 How to import Carpets from China?

1. Sourcing

Most of China's Carpet is presented at carpet malls, as most potential consumers prefer to browse at malls rather than individual carpet stores. These shopping centers provide a wide range of furnishings at various price points. Given that most sales representatives do not understand English and do not provide shipping services, you should employ a sourcing agent to act as an interpreter and manage all exporting concerns in this case. To contain all elements of shipping, these brokers often charge 3 percent to 5% of the overall transaction amount.

When looking for a China carpet supplier, the minimum order quantity (MOQ) is usually one of the most crucial factors to consider. However, several small and medium importers are unable to connect. Sometimes, especially if you're purchasing a range of various types of carpets, China carpet suppliers are flexible, and you may strike a compromise.

When it comes to retail, be sure to check with suppliers to see whether they have anything in stock. Stock products are simple to obtain, but they often cost 20% to 30% more than wholesale prices.

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7. How to ship Carpet from China

Same as furniture, carpet is goods of large CBM which makes it expensive for shipping. Depending on your quantity, you can choose full container load or loose cargo load, by air or by sea. 

1. Choose a Full Container Load or a Groupage

The Carpet you'll be bringing in from China will almost certainly be shipped by sea. Twenty-by-forty-foot containers are used to transport cargo by sea. A 40-foot container can hold an entire home with a cargo volume of 250 square meters/2500 square feet.

2. Shipment Control

When importing Carpets (or any other products) from China, you can delegate the shipment to your supplier. Because it is the easiest method, it is used by the majority of first-time importers. The problem is that you will almost certainly wind up spending more. Other shipping alternatives are available to you that might help you save time and money.

3. Transit Time

When ordering Carpets from China, consider both the time it takes for the supplier to prepare your orders and the time it takes for your goods to arrive. Late delivery sometimes happens due to unforeseen circumstances at the customs border. Because of this and the transportation period, it will take some time for you to get your items.

Delay in delivery

From China to the United States, the transit period is 14 to 50 days, including a few days for customs processing. It does not account for delays caused by unanticipated events such as severe weather. As a result, it's a good idea to expect that your Carpet will arrive at your doorstep in around three months.

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