Import Lighting From China

Lighting from China is as popular as furniture from China. Since our founding in 2013, we have received quite a lot of requests to help sourcing lighting from China, not only for business owners but also for private buyers who are looking to buy lighting from China directly for their personal home use.

Similar to furniture, there are many professional locations for lightings in China. There you can find whatever you want. Guzhen Town in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province is the best place to go for lighting in China.

From table lamps to chandeliers, floor lamps to wall lamps, and outdoor lightings; from cheap lighting to luxury lighting, from common designs to designer lighting You can find whatever lighting you need in China.

Why Buy lighting from China

China is the largest exporter of different lighting in the world. With its sophisticated industry chain, China has become the best place to shop for lighting. There are several benefits if you choose to buy lightings from China.

  • A wide array of options
  • Premium quality at a competitive price compared with your local market.
  • Customizable products without compromise

Types of lighting from China

Chandeliers from China

Chandeliers are one of the major decorative lighting products people choose to import from China. No matter for the business or for personal home use, you can find the perfect designs within your budget in China.

There are different types of chandeliers you can buy from China. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect. For more options, please contact our support team for

Crystal Chandeliers from China

Crystal chandeliers are a high-end decorative lighting. It is often made of artificial crystal as the cost is much lower than natural crystal. If you prefer natural crystal chandeliers, you can also have a variety of options in China. And among the natural crystal, Swarovski is the finest crystal in the world.

Candle Chandeliers from China

Candle chandeliers is traditionally used in European interior style. It was mostly used in royal families and thus makes it a noble choice for your house.

It makes your space more inviting and romantic. In China, you can find different types of candle chandeliers in crystal, glass, metal and many other materials.

Glass Chandeliers from China

Glass is one of the mainstream materials for chandeliers in today’s interior market. It is clear and thus offers good transmittance of light.

The usual problem is that it is easy broken. You must make sure the packaging is good enough if you decided to take glass chandeliers for your business or your home, especially you need to ship it from China.

Modern Chandeliers from China

Modern chandeliers are quite elegant in today’s popular interior styles. It often has simple but creative designs and hence add a touch of luxury to your space. It perfectly reflects your taste for life.

In China, there are many options from the major lighting market and industrial clusters. No matter what design or material, you can find it there with premium quality and competitive price.

Drum Chandeliers from China

Drum chandeliers are known for its drum shape. It is widely used in many different interior styles. No matter traditional rustic style or innovative modern and contemporary style. You can find good options in China lighting market.

Island Chandeliers from China

An island chandelier spread light perfectly when you are preparing food or having a romantic dinner with your loved ones. Island chandeliers are often used over kitchen islands or a long dining table.

Rustic wood, metal, modern crystal, industrial, French country, traditional, contemporary, or trendy. You can always find it here in China at premium quality and competitive price.

China Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights are in demand for every family. China as the largest exporter of ceiling lights offers unlimited options. Here listed 5 major types of ceiling lights that you can import from China.

Types of ceiling lights by materials

Metal ceiling lights

Materials impact not only on aesthetics aspects but also on performance in harsh conditions. Metal often indicates a modern sense to your space. Metal ceiling lighting from china often comes with several types of meterial including aluminum, stainless steel and copper.

Metal is versatile in interior design. Either to use it in your kitchen, in bedroom or bathroom It is good options.

Glass ceiling lights

Glass ceiling lights is also widely used for kitchen or Living room. Glass is a common material used for light fixtures. It is easy matching with your other home décor products.

For most of the time, you can see clear glass light fixtures in China. If you think it is tedious to work with clear glass. Colored glass light fixtures will be a good option.

Fabric ceiling lights

Fabric ceiling lighting fixtures is popular for bedroom. It creates a warmer feeling and lets people feel relaxed.

In China, you will definitely have very good options for fabric lighting fixtures.

If you decide to buy fabric ceiling lights whether in China or at your local market, remember that the color of fabric matters. It sets the mood of your room.

LED ceiling lights

LED ceiling lights is hot in recent years. It is a revolutionary product. LED ceiling lights are excellent not only because of its energy efficiency but also of its long lifespan.

It often used LED light source matched with different light fixtures such as glass, fabric or plastic.

In China, Guzhen of Zhongshan city, Guangdong province and Shenzhen are two of the major locations where you should go for led ceiling lights. There you will have a wide range of options with nice designs and competitive price.

Crystal ceiling lighting

Crystal ceiling lighting fixtures stands for luxury lift style. It upgrades the looking of your home. Crystal ceiling lights could be used in many spaces.

Whether in entrance or in living room, dining room. It sets a high-end tone of interior style. With today’s technology and craftsmanship, you can have many beautiful designs.

Crystal lighting fixtures are one of the major lighting products individual buyers tend to buy from China. There are many lighting markets in Zhongshan, Foshan, and Guangzhou where you can find beautiful crystal ceiling lights at competitive price.

In those lighting markets in China, many famous designs are available at affordable prices and superior quality.

Pendant Lighting from China

Pendant lighting is widely used in dining room, living room, entryway, bathroom, and kitchen islands. Chandeliers are one of the most common pendant lighting.

China is one of the major exporters of pendant lightings in the world. It is beneficial to buy pendant lighting from China not only for business but also for personal home use, especially villas or commercial spaces.

In China, you can have pendant lightings in different styles and materials. Here is a simple list of major styles and materials to help you get started.

Styles of pendant lights in China

  • Traditional
  • Modern/contemporary
  • Costal
  • Cottage
  • Rustic
  • French country
  • Industrial
  • Globe
  • Midcentury
  • Tiffany
  • Glam
  • Candle
  • Schoolhouse

Shade materials

  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Fabric
  • Wood
  • Bamboo
  • Shell
  • Crystal
  • Acrylic

One of the reasons that people buy pendant lights from China is that in China you will have more options.

Once you are in China, you are basically guaranteed that you can get whatever you have imagined.

Pendant lights in China are mostly customizable, you can custom made the size, color finishes, materials, etc.

Floor lamps from China

Floor lamps do a lot for a room. They can increase overall light, add task lighting or just make a room beautiful.

There are many styles and types of floor lamps in China you can buy. The type and style you need to buy depends on how you are going to use it.

A torchiere lamp floods the ceiling with light just like overhead lighting does. Place one in the living room, bedroom or any room you need ambient lighting.

For activities like reading a book or writing a grocery list, look for a floor lamp which shades downward which provides the focus light you need.

To cover more ground, try a multidirectional floor lamp. You can twist and turn the lights in all directions. It’s like three lamps in one.

When deciding on style, look at the room at your existing décor and finishes for styles. Then you can choose the right floor lamp.

A patterned shade lamp is always fun for a neutral couch. Or you can try one with bold color to breath new lift into an outdated lamp.

Is your room a tad on the dark side? A linen or cotton lampshade lets more light through. Wider shades do too. Just make sure the lamp shade covers the light socket. And you also want to be sure the light bulb is at least 3 or a half inches from the shade on all sides. Once that is done, plug in your new lamp and unplug with a good book.

China as the world factory, can provide all above styles and types of floor lamp at premium quality but competitive price.

Table lamps from China

A table lamp is portable, colorful and affordable. It is a great way to brighten the room up. With large industrial cluster and market for lighting, China is definitely the best place to buy a table lamp. 

But before you get started, it is important to define the styles and budget to fit with your entire interior design.

To supply general lighting, pair table lamps on a console table here or on a hallway table here.

For focus activities like reading or surfing a tablet make sure the bottom of the shade is at eye level when you are seated. You also want the shade to be one half or three quarters the height of the base. And the bulb and socket shouldn’t be visible.

Lamps with downward shade or an adjustable arm let you focus light where it’s needed. Depending on the size and numbers of surfaces in a room, two to three table lamps is a good rule of thumb.

Style of the table lamps from China.

Do you want your table lamp’s size, shade and style to balance with the rest of the room? For example, to match modern lamps to modern rooms, traditional to traditional. And don’t forget finishes.

Finishes of table lamps from China.

If your room have other fixtures in antique bronze, look for that finish in lamp base. Shades can also have a big impact on style. Consider drum, cone, pagoda, cylinder and other shapes. Pick a shade that’s light in color or has a lightweight fabric for more light output.

Sometimes, just changing the shades can be fun, try putting a bold new shade on a thrift store lamp base.

From general lighting to task lighting, there is a perfect table lamp you can buy from China to do a perfect job.

Wall lamps from China

Wall lamps is important but often neglected. If you want your living room area to be brighter and more. Wall lamps is a good option.

Before you get started using a wall lamp, we suggest you place your furniture first, then you will see if you actually need any wall lamps. Maybe you don’t need any at wall if you have good design floor lamp or table lamp.

If you decide wall lamps are necessary, you can make it into your plan and buy your wall lamps from China.

Locations for wall lamps in China.

There are many locations to go for wall lamps in China. Zhongshan is the most famous and largest location for wall lamps in China. It amounts to 80% of China’s production of wall lamps.

Besides, Huizhou city in Guangdong province, Changzhou city in Jiangsu province, and Foshan city in Guangdong province are all good locations for lighting in China.           

Bathroom Lighting from China

Bathroom requires clear and unobtrusive lighting to create an enjoyable, relaxing and safe space. It is also important.

Bathroom lighting from China is available in different styles, materials, and budgets. Before getting started. Here are some tips on how to choose a bathroom lighting.

  • The mirror is the starting point of any bathroom, you can always start from here.
  • When using a light above a mirror, you want it to be narrower than the vanity.
  • If you have multiple sinks, you will need multiple lights or use a wider light with multiple heads. Place 75 to 80 inches above the floor.
  • Wall lights on each side of the mirror are a great option, place 60 to 65 inches above the floor.
  • Lights exposed to water need to be wet rated

Tips on bathroom lighting styles.

  • Match lighting fixtures to the sink faucets or the shower heads.
  • If you don’t want to match this and that, grab a lighting collection and you’re done.

Bathroom lighting from China comes in quite a lot of options. It is necessary to engage in an agent if you want to save time.

Guangdong is still one of the best places to go for no matter you want to buy in bulk for your business or just a few for your personal house.

Outdoor Lighting from China

Buy outdoor lighting from China is also a good option as China has the sophisticated lighting industry. China is also the major exporter of outdoor lighting. The outdoor lighting in your market is probably made in China.

When buying outdoor lighting, remember to follow some basic rules when you decide to buy outdoor lighting from China.

Consider the outdoor lighting types

There are many different types of outdoor lighting. Wall lights serves as classic porch, garage or patio lights.

Ceiling lights and hanging lights are the perfect option for covered porches or patios.

Post lights and pier mount lights. Post lights are fixtures that mount on top of poles, they are often placed in open-air, such as driveways and pathways. Post mount lights can also be places on top of columns, but you will need a mounting adapter. Pier mount lights are similar but are specifically designed to go on top of flat surfaces such as columns.

Security lights are the best solution for creating a safe and secure property.

Landscape lights is a low voltage system separate from outdoor wall lights and ceiling lights. To create a rich layered look in your garden or outdoor space, use a combination of spot, paths, and flood lights in your garden or outdoor space.

Outdoor lighting size guide

Front porch wall lights are the most visible fixtures on your property. If you have space for only one light, choose one that about one-third the height of the door. If you have room for two lights, choose fixtures that are at least one fourth of the height of the door. If you have double doors, the fixtures can be a little larger than one fourth of the height of the door.

When choosing hanging lights, choose a design that is in proportion to the dimension of the covered porch or patio. Make sure your space is tall enough to accommodate a hanging light. For spaces that can accommodate hanging lights, ceiling mounted lights are a great solution.

Security lighting, motion sensor and dusk to dawn

When buying security lighting from China, look for features such as motion sensors and dusk to dawn. Motion sensor lights are triggered to turn on by nearby movements making them ideal as security lights and for low traffic areas.

The range and detection angle of motion sensor lights from China vary by designs. Dusk to dawn lights have special photo sensors which automatically turn on and off with the setting and rising of the sun. They are a hassle-free way to ensure your outdoor lighting is on only when needed.

Outdoor lighting wet and damped

Wet rated or wet location lights are designed for use in areas directly exposed to wind and rain. Outdoor wall lights, spotlights and deck lights, and post lights are all wet rated. Damp rated or damp location lights are designed for use in covered patios and areas not directly expose to water and moisture.

Now you can choose the perfect outdoor lighting for your space.

Led lighting from China

Why LED lightings?

LED lighting is a revolutionary product in home lighting. Lighting using LEDs are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and uses when built into a design. Integrated arrays of small LEDs allow for innovative shapes,

LEDs are cool to the touch, up to 10 times more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs and last up to 25 times longer.

Where to buy led lightings in China?

LED lighting industry is hot in China. Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Foshan and Huizhou in Guangdong province are major LED industry clusters in China.

Guzhen town in Zhongshan city, Foshan furniture market are the perfect places for individual buyers or small business owners. There you can have more options and competitive products.

Things to consider when shopping for LED lighting in China

  • Look at the wattage as it determines the brightness of the light source
  • Check for the lumens, with LEDs, the same amount of light or lumens can be produced with far fewer watts.
  • Consider the color temperature. It is a standard measurement of a lights’ appearance. Generally, refers to as the warm or cool look of a light. CRI or color rendering index shows how color looks under a light source. The higher the CRI, the better.

Best places to use LED lighting

LEDs can be used anywhere, but there are a couple of places where they really outshine all the rest.

  • LED desk lights offer a bright, clear light. Look for designs with variable color temperature to help reduce eye fatigue.
  • LEDs offer a long lifespan which means fewer bulb change in those hard to reach places
  • When using a dimmer with LEDs. Look for compatible dimmers and bulbs.

Designer lighting from China

Designer lighting refers to as lighting fixtures by a designer. Many people choose to buy designer lighting from China as there are many options at competitive price.

Designer lighting in China often means replica lighting by famous designers.

Where to buy designer lighting in China?

For lighting industry, Guzhen in Zhongshan town is the always the best place shopping for lights. If you are looking for designer lighting from China. Lighting market in Guzhen is a must to go place.

Modern lighting from China

Modern interior style is the leading style in today’s interior design field. Modern lighting from China offers lots of options to lighting business owners, interior designers, and individuals who are seeking to importing lighting from China.

Replica lighting from China.

Replica lighting and furniture is the copy of famous design in a legal way. They are almost the same design and quality with the original, but more competitive at price point.

Moreover, you can have more options at affordable price. Modern replica lighting is an industry in China which offers you good solutions.

Other lightings from China.

Up to now, we have introduced major types of lighting our customers choose to buy from China. Here I have listed the other lightings from China, which are not mentioned in the guide for your information.

  • Led strip lights
  • Led string lights
  • Down light from china
  • Landscape lighting from China
  • Cheap Lighting from China
  • Post lights from China
  • Commercial lighting from China
  • Island lighting from China
  • Smart home lighting from China
  • Fiber optic lighting from China
  • Rope light from China
  • Metal light from China

Lighting market in China

Many people want to buy lighting from China. However, they don’t know where to buy lights in China. Here is a list of lighting market in China to help you get started.

Lighting industry is a sophisticated field in China. There are many professional lighting markets in China. Guzhen lighting market is the most famous one. It is the largest wholesale lighting market in the world.

Guzhou is located in Zhongshan, Guangdong, China. It is about one hour from Foshan and Guangzhou. Lighting industry is the leading industry of the town. There are thousands of lighting manufacturers in Guzhen. It is the major location for lighting manufacturers in China.

Guzhen has a complete lighting industry chain. From components to different types of finished lights. You will have a lot of options.

In the Guzhen lighting market. There are several famous lighting shopping malls that worth a visit.

Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center

Rate: *****

Add: Guzhen Zhen Zhong Xing da Dao, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province

Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center is the most famous lighting shopping mall in Guzhen. Though it is opened in 2014, it has become the largest lighting shopping mall.

It is a 11-story building which covering about 300,000 square meters. Over 400 domestic brand and international brand showcases their products in the mall. Products covering all types of decorative lighting, home lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting, LED and switch.

 Seven Star Lighting Commercial Palace: Lantern Times Lighting Square

Rate: *****

Add: no. 12 Xinxing Zhong road, Guzhen town, Zhongshan city

Lantern times lighting square is the second-largest lighting shopping mall in Guzhen lighting market.

It is a building of 25 stories with 1-9 floor as lighting shops which covering 50 000 m2 space. Many top brands have their shop in the times lighting square.

During the lighting fair, it is one of the 8 exhibition centers.

High-end lighting brand store: Century Lighting Square

Add: no. 56, xingzhong road, Guzhen town, Zhongshan city (opposite Gangdong arch)

Century lighting square is the place for high end lighting brand store in China. There are over 100 brand stores in its 10-story building which covers over 20000 square meters.

The layout and facilities in century lighting square are terrific. It is very convenient for buyers to select their favorite lightings.

The best buying experience: World Trade Lighting Expo Center

Add: no. 56, xingzhong road, Guzhen town, Zhongshan city (opposite Gangdong arch)

World trade lighting expo center is the location for top brand lighting fixtures in China lighting market.

It has a building area of 51000 square meters in its two sections.

Dongfang Baisheng Lighting Square

Address: no. 1 Zhongxing avenue, Guzhen town, Zhongshan city

Dongfang, Baisheng lighting square offers one stop lighting buying solution. In its 10,000 square meter shopping malls, there are over 100 brands and more than 300 shops. Its products are good for retailing, wholesaling and project buying.

Taigu Lighting Square

Add: no. 12, Dongxing Zhong road, Guzhen town, Zhongshan city

Taigu lighting shopping mall is in the center of Guzhen lighting market. It is an upgraded lighting shopping mall with 23 stories. It has attracted over 160 famous brands to set up shops there.

From -1F to 5F, is small shops gathered together. What’s more, many shops have large showrooms on upper floors so customers can have more options there.

Taigu lighting market is a good place not only for business owners, but also for individual buyers.

Huayi International Lighting Plaza

Address: no. 38, Gangdong road, Guzhen town, Zhongshan

Huayi International Lighting Plaza owns a lighting industrial park of over 200,000 square meters and a lighting showroom of over 20,000 square meters.

It integrates the development, production and marketing of finished lighting products, light sources, fixtures. It has a complete industry chain.

Ruifeng International Lighting City

Address: Zhongshan City District Zhongxing Avenue.

Ruifeng International Lighting City is a modernized lighting accessories market rather than a finished lighting products market.

It has over 100,000 square meters space and accommodate over 1000 lighting accessories companies.

With over 7000 lighting factories, more than 10 professional lighting shopping malls, Guzheng is no doubt the best place for wholesale or retail lighting purchasing in China and the world.

Do you want to buy lighting in the Guzhen lighting market? Let simonsense help you get the best deal. We assist you at every step.

Lighting fairs in China

There are many lighting fairs in China held in different cities each year. As overseas lighting buyers, here I have listed the top 3 lighting fairs in China that worth a visit.

China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair(GILF)

Time: March/October

Location: Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhongshan, China

Guzhen international lighting fair is the largest lighting fair in China. It is held twice a year in March and October.

For each fair, over 2000 lighting manufacturers in China exhibit their latest lighting products at a wide range of style and cost. Here is a list of product types for your reference.

  • Decorative lighting
  • Residential lighting
  • Commercial lighting
  • Outdoor lighting
  • LED Products & Solutions
  • Machine & Processing
  • Testing Devices
  • Lighting accessories & Parts
  • Material

There are total 8 exhibition area in the main hall Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Zhongshan, China and the 7 lighting shopping malls we have introduced in this article. It covers a total area of expo space of over 1 500 000 square meters.

Are you importing lighting from China? Guzhen international lighting fair is your must visit lighting fair in China.

Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE)9

Time: June 9-12

Location: The China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou.

Guangzhou international lighting exhibition (GILE) has a good history of over 25 years. It has become the most successful lighting fair in Asia. It is featured as the most influential lighting and LED events in China.

Generally, GILE is held once a year in June from June 9 to 12. Not only Chinese lighting factories and traders exhibit at the show, but also exhibitors from over 20 countries exhibit at GILE. It gathers more than 2500 exhibitors each time.

Each year, over 160,000 visitors from more than 130 countries visited the fair looking for lightings from China. It’s a lighting show in China that you cannot miss.

Do you want to visit? Check more information at official website of GILE.

Canton Fair. Phase I

Time: April 15 -20 / October 15-20

Location: China Import and Export Fair Complex & PWTC Expo

Canton fair is the most famous trade shows in China. It has the largest scale and longest history. It is held twice a year in April and October.

On phase I of each canton fair every year, there is lighting exhibition. There you can also have access to hundreds of lighting factories in China. Though it is not as big as other two lighting fairs in China. Canton fair offers you a wide range of products including pendant lighting, ceiling lights, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, landscape lights, chandeliers.,etc.

What’s more, on canton fair, you also have access to other products such as furniture, building materials, home appliances.

Do you want reliable lighting source from China?

How to import lighting from China?

To import lighting from China is not like buying in your local market. There are a lot of benefits, but at the same time, there is risks as well.

If you don’t have the knowledge, it is impossible unless you can get professional help. If you are only buying one time, to use a professional sourcing agent like simonsense will be a good option.

Though your agent can do everything perfectly. You still need to make some preparation.

  1. Define your style. Before you start to find an agent, you should have good ideas about the style that you need. Otherwise, it won’t be efficient. The style should match your interior style. You can check this website for inspiration. Archproducts
  2. Make your list. In this article, we have introduced different types of lighting that you can buy from China. You can check and make your buying list. As a family buyer, you probably will need pendant lighting, bathroom lighting, led lighting, table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers. Outdoor lighting.
  3. Knowing your budget. China is the world factory. There you can find lighting at different price ranges and quality levels. Knowing your budget beforehand will help you target the right product and let your agent know what they should recommend.
  4. Make a visit to China. If you have a big house, you can make a visit to China to check everything onsite. Guangdong is a good place where you will have enormous options for furniture, lighting, sanitaryware, home accessories, kitchen cabinets, staircases. Doors and windows., etc.
  5. Finalize your choices and make a down payment. When you visit China. Your agent will take you to the best place to buy lighting in China. In this article, we recommend Guzhen in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province. There you can select and finalize your choices. A good agent will offer great value and help get the best deals.  Remember to confirm the below points when you make your final decision.
  6. Designs. Designs are always important for furniture and lighting. It reflects your taste.
  7. Dimensions: Dimensions are essential. Always make it right, otherwise, you will have big troubles.
  8. Materials: Materials impact on the styles and quality. Use the materials that match the decoration of your house.
  9. Prices: Price always matters. That’s one of the reasons you choose to buy it from China. Right? Your agent could help you a lot coz a good agent like simonsense knows the market very well.
  10. Payment terms and delivery terms. Normally, if you are buying for your house, suppliers will require a 50% down payment and a 50% balance before shipment. For a residential project, you normally will have multiple suppliers. You can use your agent to help with payment, all you need to do is transfer the money to your agent at one time, they will handle everything next. For small quantity purchasing, suppliers often require EXW incoterm. Which means you need to pick up the goods at the factory or store. But don’t worry, your agent again will help you make the consolidation.
  11. Leadtime. Leadtime decides if you can finish the renovation of your house on time. Confirm when you are there in China.
  12. Make quality inspection. A pre-shipment quality inspection makes sure you get what you ordered in the right quality and quantity. It is necessary to spend small money to make sure all goes well. Again, your agent can do a perfect job for you.
  13. Cargo consolidation. Ad individual or small buyers, you probably need a consolidator to help load the container. In many cases, your agent is your consolidator.
  14. Custom clearance. After loading the container, you need to clear the custom in China and get the container onboard. At this stage, a forwarder will be necessary. If you have a good forwarder, use yours, if you don’t, ask your agent for help. They will have good solutions.
  15. Import custom clearance. After 15 days to 40 days shipment. The container will arrive at your port. You will need the necessary documents to clear the custom at the destination. For sure, your forwarder or agent will do this for you.
  16. Unload the container and check the conditions of goods. When you have cleared your container, receive it to your home and check the conditions. If there are any damages or defects, take a photo and make claims in time.
  17. After the 10 steps, enjoy your new house and share it with families and friends. Now you can check how much you have saved buying the same quality lighting from China than buying lighting from the local market or from Europe.

At simonsense. Our people will help you at every step once you get contact with us.

Order a free consultation now.