Furniture Sourcing

Furniture Sourcing conducted by simonsense furniture delivers you with sustainable value on your furniture business. We help get the most out of importing furniture from China whether you are a business owner or a private buyer.
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Through over 10 years of hard-working, we have visited thousands of factories and built up a solid foundation with a handful of factories selected according to our high standards. With our expertise in supply chain management, we are able to keep a dynamic supplier database up to date. 

In order to keep our products competitive in design and price. Every year, we constantly attend different trade shows for home furniture, office furniture, outdoor furniture, hotel furniture, commercial furniture., etc.

For each type of furniture, there are many suppliers in China offering the same products of different prices and quality. By sourcing nationwide with our supply chain expertise, we are able to help our customers balance the price and quality to increase the profit margin and efficiency for our customers.

How it’s like to work with You?

If you don’t know how to find Chinese suppliers or failed to find the right manufacturer, now you are in good hands.

We will either recommend the best-matched supplier from our supplier database or do outsourcing to meet your needs.

If you already have a product supplier from China. You can count on us for the following services:

  1. Factory Audit,
  2. Quality inspection,
  3. Order management,
  4. Logistic services. 

To start with, you can follow the below steps

Step1: Submit an inquiry from our website and describe your needs as specific as you can.

Step2: Receiving your inquiry, our professional sourcing agent will get in touch with you to learn the details of your requirement including styles, categories, and budget. 

Step3: Knowing your requirements clearly, our sourcing agent will recommend the right supplier and products directly if there are the proper suppliers in our database. If not, our sourcing agent will do outsourcing and come back with a quotation within 2 working days.

Step4: After you have received the quotation, we will discuss finalize the product list and all other details such as delivery term, payment term. 

Step5: Confirm the order with a deposit and we will place the orders to suppliers.

Step6: We will manage the production and do the inspections.

Step7: We consolidate your goods and arrange shipment.

Meet Our Happy Customers

  • Impressed about quality

    I'm impressed, they are of very good quality. I can't thank you enough. Thank you so much, I felt so relieved to see them and they were very very well packaged.

    I'm so happy.


  • Satisfied about products

    Thank you, Alex. With your help and advice, we are able to get things from you.


  • Satisfied about all the products

    Good morning, dear Alex. here are the photos of the apartment. I finally finished it. Thanks to your help, I have this beautiful furniture, ceramics, lighting, and carpets. So once again sincerely thank you for everything!

    --Alexsander from Serbia

Why You Should Work with Us 

Years of Experience
Types of Products
Successful Orders
    Happy Clients

Easy Communication

we can understands your needs well and come back with solutions

Save Time

we can efficiently recommend products and suppliers from a good furniture souce.


Low MOQ orders are also welcomed in simonsense

Low Cost

we are able to build up a good furniture source and keep a moderate price

Hassle Free

Tell us your request in detail ,we will handle everything next to set you hassle -free

Quality Assured

Factory audit and quality inspection make your orders secured

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