Source Furniture from China

Source furniture from China is a great opportunity to increase your profit margin and save money Whether it is for your furniture business or home renovation.At Simonsense we have been sourcing furniture from China for over 10 years which has led us to become true experts in the field of furniture.

Let us help you with your project.

Personalized Service Packages

At simonsense, we have 2 different teams offering services for companies and individuals.

We offer personalized solutions based on your needs.

Supply Chain Management for Companies

Reduce the number of people you talk to, improve your productivity, and keep production costs low.

Receive premium assistance for your projects in China. Get a fully 360° and transparent service built and performed by Simonsense experts who are working in your interests. Whether you already have suppliers or not, we will act as your furniture sourcing agent in China. Here’s a shortlist of what we will do for you:

  • supplier prospection
  • supplier verification
  • sample order management
  • order preparation
  • production monitoring
  • product inspection
  • packing & loading supervision
  • shipping preparation
  • delivery management
  • after-sales service

One Stop Sourcing Solutions for Individuals


Sourcing furniture from China is a great opportunity to save money, buy exquisite furniture, lighting, interior accessories all in one place — Foshan. Now it takes 7-10 days in one place instead of weeks and months of roaming around. It’s never been as simple as now!

Our sourcing services for individuals include:

  • Consulting & Trip Planning
  • Assistance of manager translator
  • Order production control
  • Quality Control
  • Goods consolidation in our warehouse on Foshan
  • Loading a container
  • Arranging logistics

Please note:

  • Starting loading quantity is 20 feet container (30-33м3 approx.)
  • Logistics, customs clearance, repacking/additional packing are paid separately

All-in-One Solutions

sourcing furniture

At Simonsense our consultants will create a personalized sourcing plan based upon on your business FOR FREE.

This plan will ensure you will have the most suitable, profitable as well as reliable products available. By using Simonsense for Furniture sourcing we will deliver you sustainable value on your procurement from China via good and reliable sources.

Factory Audit

A factory audit is the best way to evaluate your potential supplier’s reliability, quality as well as capabilities before placing orders with them. Due to Simonsense’s location, we are in the best place to frequently conduct audits and site tests on your behalf to make sure your orders are secured and up to your high standards.

Production Follow up

Have you ever had to do production follow-up?

I think you will agree that a production follow-up is a time-consuming event normally taking up weeks or even months.

Are you able to waste that amount of your time and energy on it instead of running your business?.

Here at Simonsense our skilled merchandiser will follow up your order closely conducting regular inspections and check-ups.

Quality Inspection

Quality inspection is a very important aspect which is why at Simonsense we offer 4 types of inspection to assure what you have paid for is what you have ordered.

They are Incoming inspection,Dupro inspection,Pre-shipment inspection & Container loading monitoring.

Let Simonsense ensure your goods arrive at you in the best possible shape.

Logistic solutions

A large but often looked over part of buying furniture from China is the logistic side of things. To solve this problem we have our own logistic service designed to help you.

We do this by offering cost-effective yet efficient logistics solutions which include supply chain services for your business operations.

Custom furniture development

By fully understanding the local market we are able to offer you the best OEM factory sources to help custom make your own furniture designs to suit your unique space or gaining further market share.

With custom furniture development service at simonsense, we help you build your private label with our audited OEM furniture suppliers. We help project and private buyers achieve their unique space and style preference. 

Your Benefits Working With Us


Save Time

Sharing our reliable furniture source

Help you deal with the time-consuming works

End to end solutions for your furniture business


Save Cost

Good control of all fees in China

Less after-sales at destination

Your brand image gets stronger on your market


Lower Risk

Our experts advise you at every step

Total dedication to the success of your projects

World-class processes to avoid high-risk situations


Wide Range of Choice

Diversity is important for a succesfull furniture business. At simonsense,we are able to provide a wide range of selections for your furniture business.


Expert Advice

We provide expert sourcing advice. Our experts bring decades of industry expertise in driving your business to grow.


Hassle Free

With our all in one furniture sourcing solution, we offer expert sourcing service to set you hassle free on your supply chain.

Would you like better quality and better-priced furniture?

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