Why Custom Furniture?

Though China is the largest furniture export country in the world. The products on the supply market may not be able to perfectly match with your business plan or interior design concepts.

What’s more, if you want to stand out in the competition on your market. You will need to differentiate with your rivals. A custom furniture project could be the perfect solution for your ambition. 

With custom furniture development service at simonsense, we help you build your private label with our audited OEM furniture suppliers. We help project and private buyers achieve their unique space and style preference. 

How Simonsense deals with custom furniture project?

To start with, we will hold a meeting with you to evaluate your custom furniture project. Through the meeting, we will learn the details of your preferred style, the functions you want to achieve, standards that comply with your market,  and anything else that is necessary to complete a successful custom furniture project. 

Secondly, we will select 3 to 5 custom furniture suppliers from our furniture factory database and ask them to submit their proposals for our evaluation. We will select and recommend the best solutions with our expertise in the field. 

Thirdly, after we have finalized the manufacturer, we will hold a meeting with the selected factory to make clear all the details and evaluate the production process for each product in the order list and make precautions for possible problems during the production process. 

Finally, we will do the inspection and submit the inspection report to you for confirmation.