Why Factory Audit?

A factory audit is the best way to evaluate your potential supplier’s reliability, quality as well as capabilities before placing orders with them. Due to Simonsense’s location, we are in the best place to frequently conduct audits and site tests on your behalf to make sure your orders are secured and up to your high standards.

If you have read our post top 5 China furniture factory locations, you must know that most furniture manufacturers in China are family based small and medium-size companies. So It becomes more important to do a factory audit to make sure it has the ability to deliver your orders on time and in good quality.

What’s more, furniture material varies a lot even though they look the same by the appearance. Take a sofa as an example, two same design may have a different frame and filling materials as well as the upholstery covers. The gap in quality and price could be huge.

With simonsense factory audit services, we can help secure your supply chain and make sure the factory is competent to make your products before you officially take it into your supply chain system. Our audit services are designed to 

  • To verify that your supplier’s facilities are operational and suitable for manufacturing your product
  • To ensure that your supplier’s sourcing policies comply with your own
  • To identify and hedge against potential quality, operational, and ethical risks
  • To evaluate the competence of the factory management

How we perform our factory audit services

Here at simonsense, our professional audit team conducts factory audit from the following aspects according to international standards such as ISO 9000 for the quality management system, operating procedures.

• Factory profile checking (General information)
• Production capabilities
• Factory facilities, including the condition of machinery and equipment
• Production Workflow and organization charts

• Quality assurance system & related certificates

Customized Audit Programs

In addition, we also provide below audits upon your request.

• Social responsibility and compliance
• R&D capabilities
• Environmental impact

• Other modules as required

Never put your business at risk working with the wrong factory, paying a down payment to a company that you know little to nothing about. Set a strong foundation for your business by building business relationships with the right suppliers. We hope to work with you, providing you with reliable information before you begin your next import project.