Are you furniture distributors/ retailers looking for competitive furniture source in China?

Are you interior designers/architects looking for furniture from China to complete your project?

Are you looking for unique furniture pieces for your home and want to save money buying furniture from China directly?  




By working with Simonsense, you will have the chance to share in our wide range of

reliable furniture sources that we took years to build.

All in one Supply Chain Solutions

We come in at any time of your projects in China and we help you to make your orders a total success.


Product Sourcing

Based on your business type and scope our sourcing experts will work with you to design a personalized sourcing plan to bring you the most suitable and profitable products. Furniture sourcing conducted by Simonsense delivers you sustainable value on your procurement from China through great sources


Factory Audit

Factory Audits are the best way to evaluate your potential supplier’s reliability and capabilities before you place orders to them. Simonsense will conduct an audit on your behalf to make sure your orders are secured.


Production Supervision

Production follow-up is time-consuming, usually taking weeks or even months, do you want to waste your own time and energy on it? Here at simonsense, our skilled merchandiser will follow up your order closely and spend time on your product so you don’t have to.


Quality Control

Simonsense offers 4 types of inspection to assure what you received is what you have ordered. The 4 types of inspection are Incoming inspection, dupro inspection, pre-shipment inspection, and container loading monitoring.


Logistic Solutions

For those who are not familiar with the importing process, we help to design the logistic service, offering efficient and cost-effective logistics solutions and supply chain services for your business operations.


Product Development

By fully understanding the local market we are able to offer you the best OEM factory sources to help custom make your own furniture designs to suit your unique space or gaining further market share.

Exclusive Furniture Source

Benefits of Working With Us

Easy Communication

At Simonsense Furniture, our Professional team understands your needs well and come back with solutions. You will feel easy and comfortable working with us. We help cut down your communication costs.

Low Cost

By constantly sourcing nationwide, we are able to build up a good furniture source and keep a moderate price. Moreover, our experienced sourcing expert will recommend the proper products and suppliers to save your time and overall cost.


Factories and sourcing companies usually require a big MOQ. Here at simonsense, we dedicated to sourcing for small & medium-sized businesses since our foundation in 2013. Low MOQ orders are also welcomed.

Save Time

Either to source from furniture fair or B2B market place, it’s time-consuming to find and validate suppliers. Our major team members have being working in the furniture industry for over 10 years with a demonstrated experience in the field. We can efficiently recommend products and suppliers from a good furniture source.

Hassle Free

The importing process involves lots of aspects from sourcing to shipment, customs clearance. It’s quite complicated and troubling. It takes lots of time to follow the whole process, especially for those small businesses that do not have a sourcing team. Tell us your request in detail, we will handle everything next to set you hassle-free.

Quality Assured

For a furniture business, it’s important to make sure what you finally received is what you have ordered from the photos or samples. You need to make sure it’s in good condition when it arrives at your warehouse or store. Sourcing with simonsense, we will do the necessary factory audit and quality inspection to make your orders are secured.

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By sending us an email telling us what you need in detail. Our sourcing expert will offer a free consultation to understand your needs, recommend reliable products and suppliers to meet your specified demands.